Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Return From The Actual Depths Part Three

7:25AM, Tuesday. It is time that I went back to work. High time.

Mrs Iago and yours truly have a game plan, one which I hope is not too untoward.

Her current income is nothing to scoff at, yet it is going to be no more. She is to become "domestic", learn yoga, teach me her new moves to revamp my own previous yogic synergy, go shopping . . . .

Uh, not that last part. I mean I think not, but maybe we were not on the same page of our game plan when that tidbit floated to the surface. So go game plans, but nevertheless this coming May may see an upsurge in my traffic exchange results at any rate. You see, Mrs Iago is going to join me in My Internet Business . . . although she still thinks that it is "just" my internet business.

Where to start her off is the dilemma now facing said yours truly. By getting familiar with the traffic exchanges? By looking into the Ewen Chia stuff? By jumping right into My Internet Business? My traveling about to all the computer cram schools for kids to tout GDI? By working on her own GDI site? By taking the garbage out? That has to be done too, and at the proper hour, after the guy rides by on his one-speed bicycle ringing the bell.

By promoting MIB to people in Taiwan, both on and offline? Hmm, maybe. So in that case yes she should immerse herself in it first. Then we compile a list, but not one of those "the money's in the list" lists. No, this here list is gonna be a list of ---

Okay, yeah.


Think, the Bureau of Foreign Trade. Small and medium entrepreneurs looking to find out what the Intrepid Netrepreneur has to offer and more than willing to sign on. I like that, that's good. Relationships fused via communicative clarity consultancy between English and Chinese. This might work. Face-to-face interaction? Confidence building or too early to tell . . . .

I'm not quite at the Actual Surface as of yet, but at least I am not walking with the flounders, either. And Blogspot just told me: "Draft auto saved at 7:56 AM"

Initial immersion in all things MIB. A possible approach to the untowardness.

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