Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cutts And Butts

Whoah! Do I ever get sidetracked, ever and anon. This is in brief reference to the previous posting in regard to "linkbaiting". Between then and now, I came upon "Something is Wrong on the Internet" by Matt Cutts (no relation, as far as I know, to Rick Butts). "Something" has a ton of response comments to Mr Cutts' article on Google's "do no evil" policies to provide relevancy to those using the Google search engine and on the concept of "truthiness" of all forms of information. And I have come to understand that linkbaiting is using some type of trick (or tricks) to draw visitors to one's site of choice for whatever reason but probably in general to make money. I have as yet to actually return to "The Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting Resources" to see what all those resources add up to. But I'm getting there.

No Cuts About It

There is just too much information that is just seemingly too invaluable not to include in ones information overload tribulations to neglect it, it being aforementioned information, if you get my drift. For example, while looking over some blog postings by Rick Butts, I came across the following:

The Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting Resources

And it looks to be such an excellent piece of overload info that I just felt compelled, once again, to add it to my list of things to study . . . some day, somehow. Anyway, I like the term "linkbaiiting", even if I am not totally certain what it means. Hey! I got an idea. Why don't I go find out what it means, you know, instead of writing about how I don't know WTF I'm talking about in my unique and special, authoritative Chaos Chasm way.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reality State

Do you ever think about buying a house?

Get Smart

Awaiting confirmation while being checked out tells me I am dealing with the big dogs. Such is the case with my new find from the gang out at Smart Solutions Net Technologies and their, and I quote, "Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Solutions". After I signed on board and fired off my stats I got this: Thank you for applying for an account. Your account is currently pending approval by the site administrator.

So we are in limbo with this, but it looks sumptuous. I'm salivating. Baying at the moon. Ramparts blaring.

Yes, I am venturing further into the organic end of traffic accumulation and conversion. Amazing analytics screaming CASH INFLUX soon to crawl the results of sites pending flash in my brainpan like cats and dogs raining on a cold tin roof.

Do you sense my enthusiasm, my excitement?

I've gotta go check my inbox again to see if I am accepted in the SEO Hall of Fame.

Cradle Rock

And at 5am, 59750 members. Time to go to bed.


Web 2.0 Full Internet Upgrade

There are now 59558 members as of 1:20 am on Saturday the 24th of May, 2008.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Plastic Fantastic Rubber

Web CEO University, way up there on the inside looking out, is attractive and presents itself well. I would take it home to supper with the fam.

You will see squarely placed before your eyes the title "Internet Marketing Basics: Course contents", followed by a table of contents divided up into Stage 1, "Search Engine Marketing"; Stage 2, "E-Mail Marketing"; Stage 3, "Affiliate Marketing"; and finally Stage 4, "Web Analytics". Stage 1 breaks down into subcats in much more fullness and detail than do the other three stages.

But I gotta make a phone call. Be right back to get some more content down on Web CEO U. before later running off to the dentist for a root canal round. Phone call first.

Okay, that was painless, the first one anyway. So I am not going into the office only to turn around and make the hourishly less-than-more return trip after an hour in the workspace to get my dental into the mental. And it is pounding a flood onto the streets outside, must be a typhoon in the neighborhood. I gotta step out into this just for the pleasure of a little exscrutiating pain? Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor? But I still gotta make that other phone call . . . or do I? Hmmm.

Well, enough distraction.

I made the second call and am home free as far as only needing to get my tooth attacked later in the afternoon, well, in about an hour actually now that I am looking at the clock again, so I can concentrate on my course, I can concentrate on my course, I can concentrate on my course.

Where was I? Right.

Stage 1 divides into five parts, some of which have steps while others get straight to the lessons. For example, Part 1, "Understanding Search Engines" gives us seven lessons with titles like "Crawler-Based Search Engines", "META Engines" and "How Search Engines Rank Pages", rounding out the part with "Selected Reading List" and "Quiz (1) Understanding Search Engines". Part 2, "On-Page Optimization", to the contrary adds four steps: Step 1, "Picking out Keywords", contains Lessons 8 through 10, "Demo (1) Picking out Keywords", another reading list and the second quiz. Step 3, "Website Submission", has Lessons 16 ("Search Engines' Submission Rules and Guidelines") through 20 ("Verifying Submission Success") plus "Demo (3)" and "Quiz (4)" with a fourth selected reading list stuck in between them.

And et cetera.

Now bear in mind, lads and lasses, and Lassie you are invited too so quit wagging your tail so hard, that this is merely the university and not even the software yet. But I see that it's time to go meet my dental date in history. So be it. Back later.

Brass Tax Returns

One newsletter I regularly receive in my gmail account is from SiteProNews.com, and I say this with nary a sodium granule between my teeth, that is, in full and wholehearted acceptance. There is always some terrific taste to sample from this newsletter. This time around I found implanted in the ole inbox a free version of a bit of software downloadable to one's desktop that guarantees the finetuning of one's SEO efforts with a little learning tutorial which upon completion provides what is being hailed as a certificate of CIM, Competent Internet Marketer. I mean, that alone, the sensational CIM, should get eager return buyers flooding my servers again and again in mouth-frothing anticipation of my next neat item for sale.

This SEO software is entitled --- "Web CEO". Since I have only just downloaded and installed it onto my machine, and correspondingly only just browsed over to the recommended Web CEO University site at http://www.seo-training-course.com for more help in coming to terms with this new friendly monster, there is not a whole lot left to report on this sitcom at this time. There is a whole lot of studying to be happening, I reckon. Better get crackin'!!

But first, let me just say this about that --- the Intrepid Netrepreneur does not frown down in disgust with a contemptuous shake of his head at the thought of being recognized also as a so-called competent marketer even if it takes a CIM to prove it. So there! And na-na na-na naaaa-naaaaaaaaaaaa . . . .

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bear My Bones Barely

Over at cre8asiteforum.com, I just read the following comment by forum member DCrx, and I wonder how these guys know about Chaos Chasm. I guess that the Intrepid Netrepreneur is becoming a household relic. Anyway, here's that comment:

"A blog could be a marketing tool or a distracting mess of unrelated rambling half-thoughts."

This is in response to a previous question from forum member RisaBB regarding content on websites and weblogs, said question being the insightful "Is there some kind of guideline?"

That reminds me of an incident nearly three decades ago in a crazy, crowded hectic office by a newbie, demanding employee who just didn't get it: "Who's in charge here?" That one always cracks me up.


Let me uncategorically denote, Chaos Chasm II, my current weblog of note, is NOT just a confused medley of thought motes flecking the pixelation of Net screens amidst the cyber Multiverse, no, there is rhyme and reason to my amblings. It is not the destination, it is the gurney. And I think that BearBonesTraffic is really too cute for words (I felt compelled to squeeze that in).

At any rate, I am going to join up in Cre8asiteForum. Okay?? Can you hear me now??!! Geez, Louise, some people . . . time passing . . .

Okay, that's done, I'm all signed up and rearing to party at Cre8asite in the forum column "Free Beer While It Lasts", which is about title tags and description writing for the optimization of websites, as well as a bit just on writing titles themselves, and where forum member AbleReach comments thusly:"Beer. German. Dark. Yum. With a slab of good cheese and a big chunk of that sour whole wheat bread with the great crust." It's all so much fun that I feel all funny all over just thinking about it.

Plus Too

I got not only my fourteen but an additional couple of future kazillionaires. Mrs Iago sent out 300 invites to her own CBP site yesterday in her first act of joining the team that so far has included mostly just yours truly, the Intrepid Netrepreneur. So, that's all to the good, and dandy too. Next is to get Mrs Iago her fourteen. Time to concentrate. But maybe I should go to work first, that might be a good idea since I am not a successful Internet kazillionaire yet.

However, as mentioned, first things first, no sense wasting time, gonna get right into the most important aspect of the moment as we . . . as we . . . .

Well, okay, here it is. It looks like, according to my secret sources, that Britney Spears is going to play the bad guy in the next Mad Max flick that George and Mel are making. There, I've said it, the rumour's out. Now let chaos magic have its sway.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Exterminationator

A couple of things or so unrelated to My Internet Kazillionaire Business, to My Internet Business, or even to My Net Biz, in fact, probably even much more important than merely yours truly myself --- conspiracy theory you say? If you insist, so be it. Nonetheless, this is way groovy, in first, a horrifying kind of way, and second, well maybe horrifying for some, but electrifiying as well:

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11

. . . and, on a lighter note:

My experiment with smart drugs: Viagra for the brain?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Fugitive

And what happened to My Internet Business? Well, nothing happened to it, it's doing fine, very fine I imagine, without yours truly, not that I have left it, no, it's just the case of the kids neglected in the back seat of the car parked temporarily outside the small casino in Reno while the folx bop off for a quick run with the one-armed bandit. The kids still grow up to become reasonably sane and responsible adults on their own as long as no one ambles along and messes with their minds while ma and pa are at play. Not that I am in parental mode of authority over My Internet Business, no, not that. Yes, I am the daddy of My Net Biz, which kid is still in the back seat along with Cousin Chaos Chasm.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crawl Before You Weave

It's always a pleasure to discover another well-written blog that provides useful stuff, don't you think? Well, click on the title of this posting and you will find such an event, and this baby fills you in on Spidey in great detail.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mia Mama Millennium Addendum

And so, what was that important thing that is mentioned in the Mia Mama Millennium posting? Well, it isn't this ---

CbproAds StoreFront

But that is pretty cool anyway. However, no, it's not that. What it was is this --- recently I realized that at the top of a Blogspot blog there is a little button entitled "Next Blog". I had a sneaking suspicion of what this means, and upon clicking that baby I found out that my suspicion was well-founded. Yes, clicking that little button will take one to another Blogspot blog. How clever!

So, by clicking away on the little button the opportunity to view and perhaps comment on other blogs becomes remarkably apparent, and that is how I came across 21st Century Capitalism, which is one Mia's blog, as well as being said Mia's website, both of which in their unique manner seem devoted primarily to, you guessed it me buckaroo! --- Internet marketing.

And as the astute among ye have undoubtedly ascertained, Mia is a mama.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mia Mama Millennium

Why do I keep doing this? Continually continuously contiguously expanding my little online empire. This time it is something being called CBProAds. Again, kinda like that pic reminding yours truly of Mrs Iago down below (Don't look too far, you'll be looking at your feet.), I couldn't resist, but this time it was a "discounted" purchase for a full-year "Pro" upgrade, and I don't think that "Pro" stands for "Profound". I think it stands for "Profane". Can't quote me on that though. It couldn't possibly stand for "Professional", that would be just too . . . obviously a half truth. The true professionals in life claim only to be perfeshunnul. It's a pride kind of thing.

Anyway, I still haven't completely floated my way around the back office of my new purchase, but as one might speculate, it is Clickbank related. I think that the "CB" part of CBProAds stands for Completely Baffled, though. Nonetheless, it is yet another avenue for the Intrepid Netrepreneur to attain the status of Internet kazillionaire, an event that is about to happen any moment now if we are all just patient enough in a wu-wei sort of manner.

But none of this is the reason for today's blog posting on Chaos Chasm II. Nosireebob, not by a long shot. Unfortunately, that's all I have time for right now. Hardy har har with catsup, or ketchup if you prefer. Did you know that there are two spellings for this condiment because it is a transliteration from a Chinese dialect? What?!?! You did!! Ah, shucks . . . .

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Match Point

The game plan yours truly, the Intrepid Netrepreneur at Chaos Chasm, Iago de Otto, and Mrs Iago, have formulated, purportedly, kicks into action, purportedly, tomorrow, Sunday the Fourth of May in the Gregorian Calendar Year Twenty-Oh-Eight, the Roll-around Year of the Rat, to reign in these cyber gremlins in the family online soup of viral network marketing shenanigans.

But then there is the matter of the first-born rugrat (speaking of the Rat Year) of the elder twin of Mrs Iago and the undetermined first-time visit of this kid's aunt and uncle. As Mrs Iago is only of recent note on this splendid spring late-mid afternoon actually arising to meet the day, or what's left of it, or perhaps her game plan for right now is to more casually just greet the approaching evening and ask what's for dinner, we have not adjusted the launch hour of tomorrow's truly large game plan. As Mr V is known to note, so it goes . . .

. . . but speaking of speaking of, the first conference call ( I think it was the first, or at least the first "official" one, or whatever, that doesn't really matter) of the father and son team giving a more in depth look at Cash Blaster Pro, which is for sure a silly rabbit name --- Harvey is a much better rabbit name; but I digress, or maybe I was just hallucinating, but anyway, CBP's hour-long conference call is now up for a relistening in the CBP back office. Although it was just Dad and Son Robert --- I came in to the concall a few minutes late and did not get Daddy's name, Robert just called him "Dad", which I though was . . . sweet --- it does look like this is Barnum and Bailey under the Big Tent. The new chore, let's call it a "task", is to get fourteen direct level oners into my back office stats before CBP's big launch, speaking of rocket ships, on July First of said same Rat Year. I currently see five peeps in my "team".

I gotta email my team!!!!!!!!!!!

Ye gads, do I ever neglect my duties.

Such as, besides prioritizing, also including sending out a press release to a bunch of places that deal with press releases. In the CBP back office there is a nice one ready made but it looks like it requires using html code. At least I think it's html code, but it very well could be php, but I gotta tell you, concentrating on CBP is as escalating as fighting with cops doing PHC. Uh, I don't mean that the cops are doing, uhhh --- sorry, sorry. Where was I?

Okay, I gotta get off this blog for a bit and go look for that pre-written list of things to do that I was gonna type up and save in a file in a folder on my hard drive in --- well, okay, I didn't decide that part yet, where to save this list of priorities, but I'll get to that in a minute, just as soon as I, um, I , okay, ahh . . . hold on a sec, I'll be right back.

Friday, May 2, 2008

King Con

So, we could do with a bit of an update, couldn't we, gang?

Where to begin? Where to end, for that matter?

How about with My Net Biz. My new GDI website. Yeah, I was surprised to score this domain name. The full URL is --- http://www.mynetbiz.biz

It is, you know, in the making, but I'm thinking of it as a portal into My Internet Business for one. I hope that the "hint for the clueless" does not offend. All in good fun, say, wot?

I will be looking at fleshing out the various pages with irreverently relevant content per is my style, in hopes that said "humors" waft well on the Net. If my content is gonna hafta be king, it is going to be a funny king, one with a sense of the absurd. My content king will be the joker in its own court. That's the plan, anyway. And if you don't laugh, the king will cut off your head. Only in jest though.

So there's that.

And then there's this, Qassia. First, what a great combination of letters to form a word. Does it mean something or merely represent it? I like the feel of the word as it rolls off my palate and springs off my tongue with that little huff of breath. Way cool.

More wayly cool even is that Qassia runs right up my alley in terms getting Net-coverage of content. It's about reading and writing and I like to do both.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Dynamic Fantastic

I couldn't resist. When an email from a long lost love of an affiliate relationship that I keep forgetting about sent its monthly or whenever report on my sales stats that have yet to surpass the zero symbol of financial success
into one of my gmail accounts, I clicked on through to this almost forgotten and definitely neglected mindtech software site Deep Trance to circumnavigate its waters and was delightfully stunned to find this waiting for me all innocent-and-natural-like.

Sex Magnetism with Hypnosis

What's a lad to do?

Well, this lad was reminded of Mrs Iago by the pool in Bali in March on shrooms. I know, that might seem silly, but that is what it reminded me of. Not so much anymore now that I am getting used to it, but it does put me into a kind of trance.

But anyway, that is not what today's posting is concerning. No, a new screaming seagull is screaming for my attention and calling attention to my prioritization issues scenario that I'm gonna star in eventually in a new Nick Jackelson flick, which is what Mrs Iago calls Jack because, well, she gets his name mixed up. Go grrrl!

No, today's message has to do with a new membership sight being operated by four fantastic fellows by the names of John Delavera, Jeremy Gislason, Simon Hodgkinson and JP Schoeffel. Their new baby goes by the cyber address moniker of Dynamic4Marketing.com.

So, you get it? Dynamic Four. Fantastic Fellows. Fantastic Four. The Dynamic Fantastic. Do you follow my clever logic? Okay, maybe it is slightly quantum, but none of that matters anyway anymore than that bikini-clad babe at the beginning of this piece of --- uh, wait a minute . . . I was, uh . . . oh, yeah . . . Jessica Alba --- no! it was, I almost got it now, it's . . . .

Ah, shit, it's gone. Now I have gotta scroll back up and see what I was talking about. Dammit, Jim.

You know, yours truly the Intrepid Netrepreneur is one you can truly trust to know and to expose the truth about online home-based entrepreneurialistic challenge: "It's hard work," if I may quote His Petulancy the Pretzeldent, Incurious George II.