Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Any Friend Of . . .

. . . The Lucky Ten is a friend of mine.






And I'll take care of this later:


After I stick this in my head.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Typhoon Interlude

This is yet again another wonderful development that I have absolutely no idea about how it is meant to work. Very encouraging, that. I'll apparently never run out of things to learn, proving once again that it is the journey and not the destination that diffuses my focus on the goal.

But before congratulating myself too enthusiastically for not doing what I had originally set out to accomplish today, that being to brand an ebook for use in an upcoming JV Giveaway, let me inform you, Faithful Reader, that I am also waiting to find out if the typhoon approaching outside my living room window, and, I suppose, all the other windows of my flat, in fact every window of every home in the entire country, this being an island nation, is going to cancel and close all schools, government offices and company work tomorrow morning. Let's pray that it does, and that nobody dies as a result. Currently, the TV news channel my sometimes better-half is engaged in viewing has not yet reported on the northern part of the isle, but the east zone is getting the day off. However, it now shows the typhoon entirely covering the island and poassing directly right across its mid-island mountain ribs. It's a big one.

The Right Idea

I enjoy coming upon and commenting on other weblogs that I find contain value, and here is another one with a shrewd marketing title, Monetize Any Site. The blogger provides some quite valuable tips on doing just that, and I look forward to implementing some of these ideas not only on Chaos Chasm II but also on my more recent Wordpress blog promoting the SpiderWeb Marketing System.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Absent-Minded Amnesia

Lest I forget.


And so I can remember.


Don't want these guys left in the cyber dust.



They might get lonely.


And this would keep anybody company, in fact, you might feel crowded.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting To Knol All About You

In response to my first draft of the piece on the knol verb as a comment on knol.google.com, there has been a very immediate response by Mark Vanderpool, who it turns out helps "to co-ordinate advanced online creative writing and journalism classes in conjunction with the official website for Portland author Chuck Palahniuk", which makes me feel all warm and gooey inside for my hometown. Herewith is Mark's very funny, if somewhat "in-house" cryptic, response to aforementioned comment:



I googled our once-secret project today by its once-secret name and discovered that we've not only been blogged about but bloody-well knolled; knolled by no less than a well-knoln uber-blogger and mole--godchild of Perez Hilton. The snot posed as an IT guy from the parent company and joined our online collaborators incognito. Hollywood paparazzi gone high-tech snoop. It gives me the hives. We should have spotted this cyberstalking stealth knoller sooner... shares are suffering. Now we have to play the early leak to our advantage.


It was in response to an early draft of this, which I had meant to entitle "The Once and Future Knol" (Oh, well . . . .). And here is that daft draft:


This Once and Future Knol

Well, this is pretty cool. A new Google thingee with a new term to describe it. But how soon before "knol" gets verbified? Well, why not right now. But wait a minute! Will this be a regular or an irregular verb? Transitive, intransitive or both? Well, if "knol" is to be a regular verb, then that's easy enough to conjugate: a) infinitive form, of course, "to knol"; b) past tense, obviously, as well as the past participle, "knoled" --- but hold on right there! Should that be one "l" of two? Maybe there can be both the so-called American English version as well as the British-English. Or is that English-English? Commonwealth-English? I've never really been able to figure that out. (But I digress; bear with me.)

So, anyway, then we can have "knolled" and "knoled", giving us also "knolling" and "knoling" for both the “ing” forms, the participle in its active voice and the good old gerund action. I think everyone can be happy with that, except perhaps for the extremely intolerant amongst us. But what if "knol" becomes an irregular verb? And who will be "in charge", so to speak, of determining the proper spelling.

These are some heavy issues to contend with for lexicographers, who already have enough difficulties keeping track of all the new words entering the English language almost exponentially moment by moment on a monthly if not a weekly or even, God forbid, a daily basis. Okay, I'll try to help out here.

If "knol" is to be considered an irregular verb, "knolling" and/or "knoling" still work just fine for the present participial spelling. But how about this for the irregular verb past tense form and the past participle? I propose simply using "knel" as the past tense and (the soon to become popular) "knoln" as the past perfect, rendering up this hyphenated adjective ,”well-knoln", for any knol that ranks high in the search engines, and not just the Google search engine, nosireebob, but for any search engine of any ilk, type or persuasion, be it Yahoo! or MSN or Ask, Quintura or Dogpile or ChaCha.

As for the intransitive versus transitive question? Well, for one, who besides yours truly is even asking a stupid question like this? And as for the answer, or at least a response to said stupid question, I suggest: Both, as in, “He knolls twice a day.” and “She knel it before I did, so I moderately collaborated to fix her knelling.”

And regarding the passive voice form of this new verb, I’m going to have to think about that later. My brain hurts.

A Knol By Any Other Name

I confess to knowing next to nothing about Google Knol. Well, actually, I know more than that. It's more like I know next to something. But still, I haven't ventured all that far into the Knol cyber venue. It is true that I have read up some on this Google phenomenon, and I know that, according to Harriet Hardman, who joined Google as a technical writer in 2006, that a knol is a unit of knowledge stored and/or hosted on Knol.

But when first made aware that there is now this new vocabulary item harbored within and already burrowing deeply into popular cyber culture, I soon thereafter began to entertain the notion:

How soon will it be before "knol" takes on a verb function in everyday spoken and written English?

Following immediately upon the heels of that question was:

Well, why not right now?

But wait a minute! Should it be a regular or an irregular verb, transitive, intransitive or both? If "knol" is to be used as a regular verb, then that's easy enough: a) infinitive form, of course, "to knol"; b) past tense, obviously, as well as the past participle, "knoled" --- but hold on right there! Should that be one "l" of two? Perhaps both the so-called American-English version as well as the British-English will be accepted. (Or is that English-English? Commonwealth-English? I've never really been able to figure that one out. But I digress; please bear with me.)

So, anyway, then we can have "knolled" and "knoled", giving us also "knolling" and "knoling" for both the “ing” forms, the active participle and the gerund action.

However, if "knol" were to become an irregular verb, who would determine its proper spelling, let alone its pronunciation. This is a rather complex issue to contend with for lexicographers, who already have enough difficulties keeping track of all the new words entering the English language almost exponentially moment by moment on a monthly if not a weekly or even, God forbid, a daily basis. I'll try to help out here.

If "knol" is to be considered an irregular verb, "knolling" and/or "knoling" will still work just fine for the present participial spelling. But how about this for the irregular verb past tense form and the past participle? I propose simply using "knel" as the past tense and "knoln" as the past perfect, rendering up this hyphenated adjective,”well-knoln", for any knol that ranks high in the search engines, and not just the Google search engine, but for any search engine whatsoever on the World Wide Web, be it Yahoo! or MSN or Ask, Quintura or Dogpile or ChaCha. The Knol Website might belong to Google, but how could Google lay claim to "knol" as a word and still do no evil? Case in point, does the word "google" belong to Google?

As for the intransitive versus transitive question? Well, for one, who besides yours truly is even asking a stupid question like this? And as for the answer, or at least a response to said stupid question, I suggest: Both, as in, “He knolls twice a day.” and “She knel it before I did, so I moderately collaborated to fix her knolling.”

This brings us to the passive voice form of this new verb, that is, “be” + “knoln” (+ by someone).

For example, “It is often knoln by Iago.” The word "it” here most likely would be the subject matter at hand, as in the case of this piece of writing right here, wherein one might point out the obvious: “This knolling is being knoln by yours truly.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things I Like

Occasionally one actually comes across an excellent writer in Qassia, and such is the case with yours truly. Huh? Okay, let's go over that again. Yours truly came across an excellent writer on Qassia recently. Well, actually, today. Just a little while ago. This is what I read by freelance writer Jason Cangialosi. It strikes a chord (if you have ever been at a loss for --- a loss for, uh . . . well, if you have been at a loss, okay?)


A Mind's Journey Through Writer's Block

Thoughts pummel the mind like falling bricks without the words, like mortar, to bind them. A head full of nonsense and knowledge trying to conjure wisdom, as if cooking an omelet with eggs and sugar. Fingers abandon the keys kneeling before the glare of the blank page, finding their way to a game of solitary cards. The numbers are bliss, the royal faces friendly and successive completion of each row monumentally satisfying. Yet, winning is always a defeat when the game is a distraction or excuse from the need to create.

Perhaps not knowing what the essence of this mountain of thoughts is, fosters a failed attempt to write. That is why the keys hammer furiously in understanding a game of solitaire. This wandering mind is tempted to use the metaphor of solitaire for the life of writing and creating. It's too obvious though and will only stir the voice of doubt that loves to blow wet raspberries at the words on screen.

Damn this endless circus of thoughts with no ringleader; meager emotions to be tossed as scraps to the ravenous lions of doubt. The lions are the voice of doubt, blowing their raspberries, roaring a sleepy yawn, saying 'you're worthless, come rest your blood and guts in our belly.' Their chorus of yawns and growls is at times deafening with a spray of spit as they breathe down my neck. The only whip to tame these lions is the coffee in hand; each sip a crack of the whip to keep them on their perches. Doubt is a ferocious beast, and it will run wild in packs, preying on vulnerabilities that bleed.

So here in these words hides bleeding scars with a scent that is fresh on the tongues of lions. The ringleader is nowhere to be found; probably drunk and drugged in a collapsed tent on muddied ground. Taming lions is no use when the ringleader soaks the mud with his tears of a fate gambled and lost. Let loose the lions, so they may feast on a bloody decoy tossed into the corner. With their backs turned, navigate the animalistic chaos of this mental circus. Dodge the swinging trunks of elephants who never forget and the flying feces of monkey's trying to mount my back.

Emerge into fields to breathe and run, then stowaway my worries on ships that cross oceans of fear. All one can do is seek new horizons with tribal instincts returned, like a hunter who will seek and destroy the lions' roar of doubt. Here, I abandon the crunching sound of peanut shells while wandering the mental circus tent. Abandoned in faith that now only the sound of sipping tea in a safari tent will interfere with whispers from towering blades of grass.

The lions here are tamed by wild forces, their bellies full and bodies rested. It is here that the mortar of words will dress upon bricks; where tents once vulnerable to the doubtful claws of lions are now impenetrable.


Jose Rocks

This is just too wonderful, this little story:

Confronting college Ph.D.'s

In October 1967 I received an invitation to lecture on parapsychology to the Graduate Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. When the lecture began at four in the afternoon, there was standing room only.

As usual, I started to explain why I used the Scale of Brain Evolution chart, that the chart made it easier to explain a very difficult subject, such as subjective communication.

No sooner had I said that than a young Ph.D. in psychology said, "Skip the chart explanation. We don't go for theories, we go for the real thing, don't we?" he added towards the individual next to him. The man next to him, another Ph.D., agreed, saying, "Yes, skip the chart and give us the meat of the thing." Another one from another part of the room added, "If all you are going to talk about are the theories of parapsychology, forget it!" Still another one said, "Yes, because parapsychology is a lot of bunk!"

Before I had a chance to continue, several Ph.D.'s were talking at the same time, wanting to get into the action. Of course, I immediately sensed that they did not believe in parapsychology. I believe what someone once said, that the right thing will come for you to say at the right time; and I add, "When you are on the right of things."

So I trusted my intuition. I raised my arms with my palms outward, towards the audience, motioning to quiet them down. When everybody became quiet, I said, "I would like to remind you that I am your guest, and you are supposed to be highly educated. Is this the way highly educated people treat their guests?"

Then after pausing for a moment, I continued, "Who in this room has done research in the field of parapsychology? Raise your hand."

I looked around slowly. Nobody raised a hand.

Then I said, "I have so far done twenty-three years of research in the field of parapsychology, so in this room, right now, I am the only authority in parapsychology. I am not going to tell you about psychology because you are the authorities in that field. And by the same token, you are not going to tell me about my field."

I looked the group over again, slowly, and then went on, "Now, about my chart..." and I continued with my explanation just as I had intended, omitting nothing. I was asked very good and intelligent questions, but had no more problems. I lectured on my research experiences and explained why this research could lead into a new science I call "psychorientology".

When the lecture ended after an hour and a half, I was applauded nicely, and was congratulated by some on the lecture and also on how I had handled the situation.

When everybody left, the organizer wanted me to know that I had achieved two firsts there. One was that they had never before seen so many Ph.D.'s together in one room to attend one of these functions. The other first, in the organizer's own words, was that, "I have never before seen these Ph.D.'s be pushed back into their seats and stay there the way you did it!"

That night, the psychology club gave me a dinner in appreciation for having accepted their invitation to lecture for them. At the dinner were several of the Ph.D.'s who had given me trouble at the lecture, but now they were joking about it.

I said to them, "If you people had known before the lecture that I have no formal education at all, you would not have allowed me to even step on the lawn of your campus, much less allowed me to lecture for you."

Some thought I was kidding about my education, and I said, "It is too late now to consider that; I have already lectured." Everybody laughed.

Copyright © Silva UltraMind Systems and Avlis Publishing 2002
P.O. Box 1815, Laredo, TX 78044-1815

Monday, July 21, 2008

Crawling With Spiders

My new good buddy on Facebook (Which one?????????), John Currie has invited yours truly to join in a group of peeps doing Beta testing on this ---


--- and that sounds good to yours truly.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Unappreciated

I spent the entire afternoon compiling the article that follows with the intention of sending it out as a press release using the press release submission tool provided in Market-It, which I recently was informed I have been grandfathered into. Market-It is quite the awesome online marketer's website. This was to have been the first time I was to make intelligent use of its attributes, and I was fairly psyched about taking the bad experience of CashBlasterPro and working it to my advantage. However, upon finally getting the article ready, revision after revision, double and triple-checking it, and even more than that, when I felt satisfied that it was ready for publication across "thousands of media outlets!", as is said inside the Market-It back office section where the press release submission section resides, I smacked face first into a titanium-alloy nano-carb brick wall with reinforced anti-mag generators in the guise of this ---

Notice - Monday May 26th, 8:30 a.m.
This tool has been depreciated.
This tool is being replaced by "social networking" submission tools.
Social Networking Marketing is now one of the leading methods of website promotion.
According to authority sites, over half of all web traffic is social networking
and video related. Virtually every guru marketer has adopted Social Networking Marketing.

Please visit this site next month to view the new exciting tools!
Thank you for your continued support in making Market-It
the most effective way to promote your website! --Market-It Support Dept.

Notice - Tuesday May 27th, 2:40 p.m.
Previously Google has put a lot of importance on articles and blogs.
Google still looooves blogs. But recently Google has shifted and is putting significant
importance on website video, social networking, social linking and social bookmarketing.
As part of Market-It's brand new Web 2.0 thrust,
you will be seeing some exciting new web marketing tools,
many related to video and social networking.
These tools which are very effective and we at Market-It are very excited
with what is coming. It's almost here, stay tuned! --Market-It Support Dept.

This tool has been depreciated? WTF does that mean? Well, apparently it means by ignoring that while little evil gremlins scratched their doubt-edged talons along the back of my brain and just setting up the keyword phrases and coming up with a "perfect headline" after carefully reading over all the pertinent info on how best to post the press release and finally hitting submit, nothing happens.

So here it is in all its non press release glory:


In the beginning of April, many people in the world of Internet marketing began receiving an email advert promoting a program called CashBlasterPro. It claimed that anyone who helped to promote CBP’s new software would be eligible to share in a reward totaling US$1,000,000 some time after the July 1st online launch of this software. The website stated, “We are initiating a 3 stage launch of our technologies. The first stage is open right now and this is the stage where we are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS CASH to our supporters!”

The advert explained that the software itself had the capability of upgrading the entire World Wide Web into one vast social networking, or Web 2.0, platform, and with the “click of a button”, any online user would be able to connect with any other website on the Internet in the same manner as members of sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, et cetera, and interact with one another. It also claimed that what CBP was offering was not itself just another social networking membership website, but rather software that could be downloaded and installed to a computer desktop. Once installed, it would be able to allow the user to “upgrade” the Internet to Web 2.0 standards.

Here is another quote from the original CashBlasterPro webpage, which has since been taken down:

“Our ‘ground-breaking new technology’ is NOT just some product, software or website that will create another mySpace type of community. Our new TOP SECRET Technology WILL change THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 Standards!

“Because this is a TOP SECRET project and technology, we CANNOT release any further details on our technologies other than what we have just shared. Though, we can tell you that these technologies will certainly be THE NEXT BIG TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, similar to what Amazon, Yahoo, Google and mySpace have achieved, but with EVEN MORE IMPACT because it truly effects the ENTIRE INTERNET!”

Signing up for CashBlasterPro was free. But in order to benefit from the one million dollar reward, in order to get a “share” in the reward, it was required that you get at least two other Netizens to register under you. That is, one share in the eventual payout was given for every two sign-ups. Four sign-ups, two shares. However, the shares were to be paid out only after the official launch of the software on July 1st.

On the Blogspot blog Chaos Chasm II under the April 11th posting entitled “Barnum, Bailey, the 3-Ring Circus, the Kitchen Sink . . .” is this:

“This website goes on to make big claims concerning another ‘something new’ soon to happen that will totally shake up the Internet. Of course, it's free to join up. The initial incentive? Share in the one million dollars . . . that this project is going to give to all its members who get in before the official launch date scheduled for the First of July (that's July of 2008, for your information). I guess if they get two million people registered that I could use an extra fifty cents. But anyway, that's not actually the cool part of what CashBlasterPro sez it's up to. Apparently, doomed or fated or designed intelligently to become bigger than not only Microsoft and Google but even bigger than Jupiter and maybe Sol, CBP will be the responsible party involved in making the entire World Wide Web completely Web 2.0 compliant.

“One gigantic online social networking platform.

“Did I join up for free? Absolutely.”

The following month the same blogger wrote, “There are now 59,558 members as of 1:20 am on Saturday the 24th of May, 2008.”

And then on June 28th:

“A bit of a bummer. Kind of a letdown. Slightly depressing.

“The question begs itself --- is the entire Cash Blaster Pro phenomenon just another scam ala Our Power Forced Matrix (which was a real doozy)? Should know in a few more days whether all the work I put into this since the beginning of April is just time lost or a healthy investment.”

And back on May 30th, Member “remington” at the Scam.com forum posted the following:

“cashblasterpro.com New Scam

“I am receiving huge volumes of spam from cashblasterpro.com and from various other urls that forward to the above domain.

“The site is hosted by theplanet.com which is owned and operated by ev1.net.

“Essentially this scam is hooking people in with false claims that they are going to give away 1 million dollars to free members and that at the click of a button every website on the internet will become upgraded to Web 2.0 (try not to laugh too hard here but many people are apparently falling for the myriad of false claims and hype on this site).”

The cashblasterpro.com webpage began going to a 403 error page on the last weekend in May, by which time there were over 100,000 members registered, according to CBP’s landing page before it was gone from the Net. Access to the affiliate site back office along with any of the information on downlines signed up or anything else was completely blocked.

At scam.com/showthread.php?t=42168, information on the alleged founder of CashBlasterPro, Robert Kuntz, and the Web 2.0 Upgrade software, called BuzzBot, indicated that he had previously run into trouble for not shipping Yamaha 650cc motorcycle products that people had paid for via eBay or that there were defective parts received. In this Scam.com forum thread, the email address stilladreamr@yahoo.com is attached to Mr. Kuntz as the CashBlasterPro administrative contract as well as the contact email address on eBay.

But then on June 13th, a posting was made in this thread signed Robert Kuntz Web 2.0 Upgrade saying:

“It is only fair that I should be able to defend these accustations . . . as mentioned in other postings, that was my motorcycle shop. I funded a mechanic to help build these bikes as motorcycles are my hobby and I am an Entrepreneur. Without my knowing (or rather finding out too late), he goofed off the ebay account and failed to ship products . . . .”

This poster goes on to say, “And yes, the info people are posting about me and the SEC - that was me with a run-in with the SEC several years back. I had built a technology company and when the dot com crash hit, the SEC came down on me (and a lot of other companies) hard. Because I had an informal offering (live and learn), they did what’s called an ‘inquiree’ - not too kind. The ONLY thing that was found is lack of communications I had with a couple of companies to substantiate our claims.”

A flurry of responses from other Scam.com forum members followed in this thread, most of which express little confidence that Mr. Kuntz can be trusted. Some posters ask that Mr. Kuntz provide more technical details on how the BuzzBot platform works to prove that he is not “making completely false and ridiculous claims.” He responded a few more times defending himself and his CBP venture. He says for example in his second posting on Scam.com, “What really gets me is that no matter how hard someone works and how much they follow their heart and their passion, there is always someone there to try and tear it down, and pull them down.”

On June 16th at exactly 6pm, the poster identifying himself as Robert Kuntz states in his third posting that his new technology’s “features include, blogs, comments, site ratings, and interacting with others on that website. Remember, this is for any website you can type in your browser, now has these features.”

Then on June 26th at 11:48am the following was posted on page one of the same forum thread:

“The account holder Robert Kuntz has been removed from our clients. His server ( has been taken off-line and we will not accept any business from Mr. Kuntz.

Network Security Operations Center,

However, although Robert Kuntz no longer posted anything on the thread by page two, other forum members began to speak out in support of CashBlasterPro and its founder’s integrity, with one forum member stating on June 28th, “The jury is still out on CashBlasterPro.”

At this point, the original CashBlasterPro website was landing on a 403 error page and there was no access to the affiliate member’s back office. But then on July 2nd, the day after the official launch, the Web 2.0 Upgrade program was back online at a different URL, www.web2server.info, and an entirely different back office was both available and accessible, within which, it now appears that CashBlasterPro was not a scam in the first place.

Or is it?

The forum thread controversy on CashBlasterPro at Scam.com continues to this day, with a posting on July 16th warning:

“Note to the people who are considering spending $29.95 a month for the ‘Pro’ version, take a look at how dead the web2upgrade forums are particularly when you consider that (conservative estimate) half the threads posted there are biz-op spam that will one day soon end up as fodder for dissection here on scam.com. I notice how Rob is hyping how the ‘direct to desktop’ advertising capability of the ‘Pro’ version will bypass e-mail spam filters and let you really get your message out to a wide audience but how many ‘desktops’ will really be using the buzzbot and how many will keep using it after they see the mountain of spam it deposits directly on their desktop.”

However, an email from Robert Kuntz to his affiliates on July 17th serves up five “VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS!”, including information on bonuses for the top 50 performers and a live online conference call scheduled for July 24th. Robert Kuntz signs off saying, “I still have a hard time believing we have actually pulled this off . . . We have launched the BuzzBot and IT WORKS! PEOPLE LOVE IT! We came through on our word AND we will CONTINUE to deliver!!!”

There is no mention in this email message of paying out any shares of the $1 million reward for helping to promote the BuzzBot software for the three months between April and July. Still, in the back office of the new website at web2server.info, after clicking through to the Affiliate Control Panel, one finds a final total of 44,314 shares to be awarded at $22.57 per share. This money will only go, if it is ever to be dispersed, to those with more than two downline members, but people are continuing to register for this program, with more than 350 new members in the last hour at the time of this writing.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the Internet has no idea that the WWW is about to be “upgraded”. Somehow.


So. What am I going to do to rectify this, all that afternoon work down the drain? Fear not, fellow fearless intrepid Netrepreneur. There is always Qassia. In fact, I have already posted the article there, and as well I just sent it to my now 600-member downline in WebBizInsider. This is the first time that I have sent INFORMATION to said WBI downline instead of just some flunky advertisement which no one seems to ever bother even opening the email of. Plus, before attempting fruitlessly to send it out to all the eager journalists of the Multiverse for their media manipulation, I had already posted it on The Lucky Ten. Hooray, hooray.

And then there is always Google base.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Dream Come True

Now THIS is just too awesome. When I get home tonight, I won't know whether to listen to Bitches Brew or watch Devil in A Blue Dress again for the umpteenth time. Hot damn!

Blog Grog II

This is what I am about to post as a comment, my third or fourth now I think, on The Lucky Ten, in response to TLT's third posting on his new blogger blogspot blogsite.


Hey, there, again, Mr TLT.

Wow, you must have a ton of WebBizInsider credits; your blog keeps popping up while I am clicking for my own credits, and I have not really been spending an inordinate amount of time on this traffic exchange site. I am beginning to feel like I am returning home after a long journey, or maybe it's some kind of deja vu thing. Hmmm.

Anyway, here's an angle on making money while you sleep, yeah? Check it out.

Lucid dreaming? Are you familiar with what this is about? Basically, it means that while the body is asleep the mind wakes up and recognizes that you are in a dream state. With practice and, I guess, training, a person can begin to take control of said dreams. Okay, that's the first thing.

Next up is holographic visualization techniques that lead to manifesting the "reality" of one's choice, one's chosen desire, whatever that might be. It is recommended that when engaged in visualizing your dream house, perfect mate, favorite feeling, whatever, using the power of the imagination, that you use all five senses within the sphere of the imagination; you can smell, taste, touch the texture of, hear and see your desired doohickey within your mind. Eventually, with a little disinterested help from the Universe, or the Multiverse, or whatever, this doohickey will materialize in the hood you reside in, or wherever. That's the second thing.

And those two sitcoms seem pretty cool if one gathers up the wherewithall to find a quiet place to do all that, but yours truly? I'm too busy blogging and clicking TEs and watching DVDs or recovering from a hangover to bother with all that brouhaha. Ha ha. Work hard, not smart, is my motto. Don't ask me why, I have yet to actually figure out why. But anyhoooo . . .

. . . next up is to perform visualization/manifestation atrocities/niceties while engaged in a bout of lucid dreaming.

Or at least that is the theory I came up with when sitting around daydreaming once when I wasn't working hard instead of smart, if you get my drift.

So, that's all very well and good, yeah? But what about it. Well, how about while lucid dreaming, and I'm pretty sure most of us are familiar with that weird surreality of the dream state where time and space acquire a liquid plasticity of sorts, one is to put to good use one's visualization/manifestation skills to conjure up money in the bank or under the pillow of one's more rigid, less fluid wakeful 3D "reality", where you have to wear clothes and talk to people and pay taxes and die and stuff. I mean, since time and space do not really exist in the REM state, or so it seems to yours truly anyway, that liquid plasticity venue, and I for one am pretty busy when not sleeping, making BLTs for lunch and reading Bartcop.com on the Net at the office instead of actually performing any official duties in my "necessary evil" day gig 9-to-5 scenario as a foreign-contracted government functionary expat ilk oriented earthling --- like I said, I just cannot be bothered to take the time needed to train myself properly in the requisite viz/man skills that would aid and abet the energy put out to, you know, materialize in a concrete sense, oh say, around a kazillion bucks would probably do it, I could be satisfied with that, I think --- no, forget all that, making money while I'm awake.

I'd much rather make money in my sleep as well. TLT, whaddaya think, maybe we're on to something here.

And in keeping with this:

"You can also include a link to something that makes you money while you sleep:)"

I hereby offer this:



Yours in good faith,
Iago (not his real name)


Let's see what happens. The Tiny URL link goes to My Help Hub and the Lucid Dreaming Kit website.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jack Vs. Jason

Let's see if my comment on Jack's blog where he claims to be offering the best bonus for buying John Reese's upgrade of Traffic Secrets, which seems to be selling like totally hot pancakes with creamy French butter slathered all over them to be scarfed down by starving, laid-off oil field workers getting their first decent American meal in I don't know how long. I am certainly getting more "offers" flooding my inbox than ever before to get in on this NOW and pick up my groovy bonus as an incentive to pay up both nostrils for something I may never even use, regardless of how wonderful it is.

Here is what I posted:


The offer I got from Jason Mangrum is pretty decent — he’ll buy TS2.0 for me — if I join My Internet Business at the Silver, Gold or Platinum level — but since I am already joined up in it under him, I might give Mr. Reese’s upgrade a pass this time around. In fact, I think I’ll just continue to stick with what’s offered in Authority Black Book (especially now that Version 2.0 is out [and safely ensconced within the depths of my hard drive]) along with the socnet-oriented material J comes up with. But Jason tends to do things differently. I mean, getpaidbygod.com? That is just too cool. As is Authority Black Book.


The title of the blogpage dated July 15th (today) I am referring to is ---

Who Has The Best Bonus Package for Traffic Secrets?

--- and in this posting Jack Humphrey sez, in response to his own question ---

"Well, I think I do. I’m not offering a bonus at all."

And then Jack goes on to explain his thinking on this subject, and while I tend to agree with him, well, Jason's anti-bonus reverse-psych invite is pretty off the beaten track that Jack speaks of. So, see what happens and if my blog comment is accepted.

O Lucky One

A recent addition to the Multiverse of Things Online is the blogger blogspot blog The Lucky Ten. I have found it popping up in WebBizInsider these past few days or so, oh, say, four or five times now, and I have not necessarily been spending a whole lot of time cruising WBI. Already, however, TLT has received quite a few comments as compared to Chaos Chasm II. So, that's pretty funny. TLT, here's wishing you the best of, well, luck.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Free Brunch, The Wild Bunch

The Net marketing machinations I find myself swimming cross stream in, are they pulling me under or just keeping me afloat, twirling and whirling about in the murky waters? I don't have an answer for that, the question being basically just more rhetoric, but I do agree with Rick Butts that Jack Humphrey's Authority Black Book is a gem, certainly worth the download/install time. That it is fiscally free but might yet lead one eventually to investing in products or services provided by the Authority peeps bothers yours truly, the Intrepid Netrepreneur, not in the least. It's good stuff, ole ABB.

Traffic and conversion, traffic and conversion, traffic and conversion . . . .

Monday, July 14, 2008

Chaotic Hug

It's surprising --- I was surprised --- what one might come across when searching for chaos and chasm on Google. It most certainly isn't Chaos Chasm, at least not yet.

Last night, yesterday day, whenever (how soon we forget . . . or perhaps that's just yours truly), I was inside my catholic.org email account for some reason or another that I quickly forgot about as I began deleting shit, amidst which process a few new messages popped up inside there, mostly PayPal-paid subscription fee receipts I had none-to-only-some recollection of having entered into, one of which was for Diamond Membership in Viral Link Tracker for $27 and paid on July 13th. And there I am thinking, what is Viral Link Tracker, I'm a Diamond Member? And so I browsed to the VLT homepage and started on the daytrip of wondering what my login stats were, and I must've blinked or clicked or something because the next thing I knew there is another PayPal receipt in my catholic.org email account, this one, Viral Link Tracker Elite Membership, $20, also paid July 13th.

A total huh going on in my head. Thinking, I just went through some warp, some low-level petit mal twitch, don't remember just now upgrading for whatever reason I have absolutely no idea of, and/or/nor/so why am I paying both Diamond and Elite fees, I am getting ripped off here or is my computer getting hacked exactly right now, is it the aliens, WTF just happened?

That kinda thing . . .

. . . so anyway, the next day, right now, today, in a different place on a different computer and on a different subject entirely, but still in keeping with the nature, or rather, the au unnaturel of Chaos Chasm and its ilk, looking for or even finding meaning in the morass, upon searching the phrase "chaos chasm" (Why did I do that? I can't remember . . . .), I eventually came to ---


--- which insinuated itself between the cracks of my dallying in Leo's other non-blogger (or maybe it is a blogger blog, there's just no immediate evidence that the Intrepid Netrepreneur can identify oh so readily) weblog, Embracing Chaos. Synchronistic, coincidental mayhem. I love it. Actually, it is yours truly that insinuated himself in those cracks. But once I was looking at Google Talkabout, I was given to speculate --- what exactly is that policy at Selfbank Mobile about advertising without SBF's okay? Selfbank Google Mobile Talkabout seems like a winner to me . . . a breadwinner for me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Untoward Tortures

The untoward tortures headed your way are reduced by the abundance of LOVE that decimates doubt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Fun Stuff


by Homer W. Smith


PROFESSOR Smith has kindly submitted his book to me before publication. After reading it thoroughly and with intense interest I am glad to comply with his request to give him my impression.

The work is a broadly conceived attempt to portray man's fear-induced animistic and mythic ideas with all their far-flung transformations and interrelations. It relates the impact of these phantasmagorias on human destiny and the causal relationships by which they have become crystallized into organized religion.

This is a biologist speaking, whose scientific training has disciplined him in a grim objectivity rarely found in the pure historian. This objectivity has not, however, hindered him from emphasizing the boundless suffering which, in its end results, this mythic thought has brought upon man.

Professor Smith envisages as a redeeming force, training in objective observation of all that is available for immediate perception and in the interpretation of facts without preconceived ideas. In his view, only if every individual strives for truth can humanity attain a happier future; the atavisms in each of us that stand in the way of a friendlier destiny can only thus be rendered ineffective.

His historical picture closes with the end of the nineteenth century, and with good reason. By that time it seemed that the influence of these mythic, authoritatively anchored forces which can be denoted as religious, had been reduced to a tolerable level in spite of all the persisting inertia and hypocrisy.

Even then, a new branch of mythic thought had already grown strong, one not religious in nature but no less perilous to mankind -- exaggerated nationalism. Half a century has shown that this new adversary is so strong that it places in question man's very survival. It is too early for the present-day historian to write about this problem, but it is to be hoped that one will survive who can undertake the task at a later date.


The Important Stuff

The following is excerpted from an article by Susan L. Reid

I grabbed it off of the July 9th Issue #1113 of the Site Pro News newsletter I receive regularly into my Gmail account. Great stuff in these newsletters.

Debunking Some Popular Search Engine Ranking Myths

- Pay per clĂ­ck (PPC) ads will either help or hurt organic rankings. (Organic simply means the process by which web users find websites having unpaid search engine listings.)

Debunked: PPC is categorized differently than organic listings. There is no effect, one way or the other, on ranking.

- Websites are banned if they ignore Google guidelines.

Debunked: While it's a good idea to read Google Webmaster Guidelines or Google 101: How Google Crawls, Indexes and Serves the Web, you are not banned if you ignore their guidelines.

- Websites are banned if they buy links.

Debunked: Sites are not banned. The links just aren't counted.

- Copy must be a certain number of words, use a specific keyword density, and contain bold or italicized keywords.

Debunked: It used to be thought that there was a magic number of words used or certain times a keyword or keyword phrase should be repeated. Not so. Same with bolding and italicizing. They don't do anything for ranking.

- Duplicate content will get your website penalized.

Debunked: It will just get filtered out and not counted.

- Reciprocal links won't count.

Debunked: Every link counts, to a certain extent.

- SEO companies can improve your rankings without doing any on-page work.

Debunked: Run if an SEO company tells you this.

According to SEO expert Jill Whalen, SEO isn't magic and isn't a crap-shoot. "SEO is about making your website the best it can be for your site visitors and the search engines." Want to help the right kind of people find your website? Then you need to design your site so search engines can find, crawl and index your pages.

Seven Ways to Get Your Website Crawled

  • It's better to have one main website with numerous domains pointing to the main domain, than to have mini-sites or multiple sites with similar content. Mini-sites and multiple sites with similar content do not increase search engine listings and are frequently viewed by search engines as SPAM.

  • If you do have several stand-alone websites, make sure each serves a different target audience and has unique content with different domain or sub-domain URLs.

  • Search engines need to be able to follow internal links. To make that happen, use tags, text links, image links, and CSS menus. Spiders have difficulty with JavaScript menus, pop-up windows, drop-down menus, and flash navigation.

  • Choose keyword phrases that are most relevant and specific to what your web page is about. Think from the perspective of someone searching for what you are offering on your site. Ask, as if you were they: What would I search for if I am looking for something on your page?

  • Validate your keyword phrases through either paid or free services, such as Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, or Google AdWords.

  • Check for keyword competitiveness. Take into consideration the size of your business. In this case, size does matter. If you are a major player with a major brand, you can play in a larger competitive pond than a smaller company just starting out. Know what size pond is right for you, and check for competitiveness by putting: allintitle: "keyword phrase" in your browser and check the number count.

  • Once you have your keyword phrases validated and checked for competitiveness, use them in anchor texts, clickable image alt tags, headlines, body text copy, title tags, and meta descriptions. Meta tags aren't all that important for crawling.

The Other Stuff (As In, Other Worldly . . . Really)

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The Zetas talk about why there are Many Greys; why the Green Men are green; how there are Reptilians, aliens from Orion, Praying Mantis, Cat People, Nordics, Pleiadeans, and Sirians meeting at the Council of Worlds; if there are Human Lookalikes living among us and if the Burisch tales are true; how there is a wide Variety of Life Forms in the Universe and how Size and Shape are determined; whether The Vedas are correctly describing some of them; whether Skyfish and Rods are life forms; and whether there might be a Galactic Zoo someplace. The Zetas talk about which if any of these alien life forms made Genetic Contributions to the Races Of Man; why the American Indian and Australian Aboriginal are special; what constitutes the larger Family Of Man; and how the Moon Cities relate.

The Zetas talk about the Ultimate Agenda various alien groups hold; how aliens have come from Ancient Cultures; why there are Cultured Aliens; how they and other Aliens Interact; what alien Social Structures are like; whether they have Rituals or enjoy Music; what Sexual Variations there are; why many aliens seem to visit as a Triad; how they and other visitors keep it all straight with a Sky Computer; how Alien Names are determined; whether there has ever been life on Ancient Venus; whether there is a Star Language here on Earth; where the Men In Black come from; whether Elves are extraterrestrial; whether Bigfoot exists and whether they and Dolphins have souls; whether the legend about Vampires and the Mothman are true; and how there is Subterranean Life here on Earth. The Zetas talk about the many Zeta Types and Zeta Knowledge and their Power Source; what Early Zeta was like; what constitutes Zeta Meals; how they have a home on Earth in the Gobi Desert and live On Mars; and where in the Zeta Reticuli star system they come from. The Zetas talk about what Zeta Schools are like; what the Zetas do for Entertainment and whether they have Literature; whether the Zetas Got Religion or assign Zeta Roles by sex or have Zeta Marriages; and whether the Zetas are under Reptilian Control or inclined to be Dictatorial or Unemotional.

The Zetas talk about the many myths surrounding our ancient visitors from the 12th Planet; whether they had Long Life or were at the helm during the Birth of Man; why they were often labeled as Ancient Gods and whether they are interested in Conquest; how these visitors built the Structures On Mars such as Tetrahedral Crystals but destroyed the former Life on Mars; why these visitors built the Great Pyramids with its Secret Chamber and the Sphinx; how the Chinese Pyramids are related; the source of Australian Artifacts; why these visitors often Went Native; how these visitors had an effect on the ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations and the Dogon Tribe; and what kind of a Roller Coaster Ride those on the 12th Planet experience during its periodic passage.

All rights reserved: ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com

The Bad Stuff

Well, whaddaya know . . . and just when things were really beginning to ramp up.

I wonder, is this all just part of 12-21-12?

Web chaos around the world soon: OECD
6 Jul, 2008, 1736 hrs IST, IANS

LONDON: The digital doomsday is round the corner. In exactly 1,273 days there will be a web chaos in the world as we run out of internet addresses.

More than 85 percent of the available addresses have already been allocated and the rest will run out by 2011, according to a prediction by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

These are not the normal web addresses that you type into your browser's window. These are the numerical internet protocol (IP) addresses that denote individual devices connected to the internet. They form the foundation for all online communications, from e-mail and web pages to voice chat and streaming video.

IP addresses are so basic to the success of the internet that you really do not need to know a website's domain name if you know their IP. In fact, domain names are only a convenience for people who have better luck remembering to type, say, www.google.com, than they would have trying to remember Google's IP address of

Whenever you type http://www.google.com into your browser, the browser sends a query off to a big telephone book in the sky and asks "Hey, what's the IP address for google.com?". This big telephone book, more commonly called a "Domain Name Server" or DNS for short, returns to your browser. Your browser then heads off to Google's website using the IP address as a map.

When the current IP address scheme, called Internet Protocol Version 4 (Ipv4), was introduced in 1981, there were hardly 500 computers connected to the internet. The address makers at that time allowed for four billion addresses, thinking they would last for ever. They have been nearly gobbled up in just under 30 years!

As addresses run dry we will all feel the pinch: internet speeds will drop and new connections and services (such as internet phone calling) will either be expensive or simply impossible to obtain.

The solution to the shortage is to upgrade to a new address protocol.

The internet protocols are prepared by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.

The IETF is an organised activity of the Internet Society (ISOC), a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in internet related standards, education and policy. The Society's south and southeast Asian Bureau was established this January. The India chapter is headquartered in Chennai.

The IETF is already prepared for the doomsday. It has devised a replacement system, called IPv6, more than a decade ago, providing enough addresses for billions upon billions of devices as well as improving internet phone and video calls, and possibly even helping to end e-mail spam.

Then why the doomsday predictions? The problem is that the new system is not really compatible with the internet of today. If, for example, Google wants to support IPv6, it will need to build a whole new IPv6 web service, complete with new domain names, servers and bandwidth. The costs run into billions.

The OECD notes that "immediate costs are associated with deployment of IPv6, whereas many benefits are long-term and depend on a critical mass adopting it", according to The Sunday Times. Until such time, start looking at the countdown clock for the doomsday at penrose.uk6x.com.

Regional registry IPv4 address exhaustion in...
1274 Days, 16 Hours, 28 Minutes, 52 Seconds.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Good Stuff

Despite the nonsense of the CBP and W2.0U controversy, the info on the page the following link leads to is good stuff. It's SEO-related; in particular, the info on using Google Alerts to get linx, something I had read previously in part, is of a breath-takingly beautiful nature. And if you, faithful reader, have the chance to actually see this posting B4 I change the words into others but still leading to this SEO Google Alerts stuff, well, good for you.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crass Bastard Ho II

I remain wary. CBP appears not yet to be dead, but whether or not it is a brain-slurping zombie is also yet to be determined. One of my downline peeps with whom I have stayed in contact this past week has emailed me with the message that both he and his son, in his Level One network, have downloaded the Buzzbot and that "it works great".

I however am still not convinced that there is NOT something very wormhole-like about what so called Mr Kuntz and his daddy are are up to.