Thursday, April 10, 2008

Precious Metals

Gold or Platinum?

As far as I can figure, upgrading to Platinum is gonna cost me another $250. I think it is just a one-time payment. But I have only just begun to explore the MIB back office, so there well could be a fiscal fright awaiting me in this regard even though my gut sez nah . . . .

The back office looks good, by the way. I remain convinced that joining My Internet Business is a wise move. Sitting in my BOFT office in the late afternoon I was, among other things, just getting into the daily planner info when suddenly, we lost power. And I lost a couple of paragraphs on the article I was writing for the new monthly rag that the Bureau is going to start putting out. So those paragraphs are gone, wherever it is such stuff goes in the cyber world. And it is due tomorrow.

But I should not have been writing that then anyway if I am to religiously follow the guidance of the MIB back office daily planner. I am still not the most organized individual in the universe.

I wonder, though, if my credit card can handle that $250 upgrade to Platinum status. It sure is tempting, but how much do I owe from the trip to Bali at the end of March, therein is the rub. Thank my lucky stars that the Ericksonian Hypnosis Course is free. The burden, the burden. My sister, my daughter. MIB or NLP. The smell of plastic in the morning.

Hell, why not both MIB and NLP and BOFT? I CAN do it!!! I WILL do it!!!

Am I ever excited. Big changes ahead. Unless of course I drink heavily on Friday night . . . .

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