Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MIB Is Not Always Sci-fi

In this case, MIB stands not for the Jones/Smith flix, but rather, for My Internet Business. But be that as it may, just a day or so into the official launch of Darren Gaudry's new baby, there is something a bit other-worldly going on. Not that I mind that much in that I'm generally really enamored of other worlds, and I even like science fiction too.

But after getting into My Internet Business early via my membership in Passport to Wealth, Darren's other big thing --- I don't actually know how many big things he has --- and after paying my dues, so to speak, said payment just breaking the hundred dollar mark ever so slightly, a combo of the first slice of the recurring annual fee and the more costly monthly membership money, I am still unable to log in to my MIB back office. The system refuses to recognize my registration email address, my username or my password.

My third request to the MIB support team was in the tone of one a bit miffed by the seeming attitude of said team's response to my second request. Whoever responded to my request, which I was told was a "history", but which I myself do not even consider to be a short story but a mere "recap of the pertinent details" (my words), claims to be too busy with the "big launch" (their words [His words? Her words? Its words? Maybe it was a bot replying to me, and thus the less than humanistic vibe . . . .]) to handle my third request in a manner that I see fit. Like I don't matter now that I have given up my moolah.



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