Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Dark And Stormy Night

I have registered via Kiosk the domain, drumroll please . . .

. . . www.myinternetkazillionairebusiness.com

Plans are to use www.myinternetkazillionairebusiness.com
as a platform for My Internet Business. That's a good plan, isn't it?

Take your time, you don't have to answer right away. Moll it over.

So, anyway, my singular downline entity is kicking behind in building her own downline. As of this writing, SH has got seven peeps under her and her number three entity has got two of his own. Way to go, Team!! Rah-rah!! How do you do it? I still only have one. I'm guessing that SH came in under yours truly through WebBizInsider. But is my frantic plunge back into the tumultuous and rollicking waters of the traffic exchange seas worth the time lapsed or should I be doing . . . some . . . thing . . . else . . . .

But anyway, here is the most recent email from CBP directly into the safety of my inbox that I just got. It is a most engagingly encouraging missive. Thus are you counseled in reading of it.



We recently have had a bunch of questions about the "opportunity" after the Million Dollar Give Away, and how it would be beneficial in the long run...

We are going to answer this and show you how building a team now by leveraging the Million Dollar Give Away, can literally make a FORTUNE when we launch our technologies.

This is very important to understand, so please pay very close attention. Your financial future is at stake here!

When we launch the new Web 2.0 Full Internet Upgrade, we are also launching revenue modules that are commissionable to our team with a multi-tiered affiliate program. These tools will consist of "advanced" marketing tools based on the Web 2.0 technologies for webmasters and marketers, as well as ad revenue streams created by the exposure from our network of users. Further, we will be releasing content channels with specific, target products to those channels - all commissionable to the affiliates!

Now, DO UNDERSTAND that the BIG ATTRACTION to this company is not the fact that we have a business. We are not "opportunity driven" - in other words, our user membership after launch will not be driven by the fact that we have an affiliate program. Our user-base will grow FAST, into the hundreds of thousands OVERNIGHT, and into the tens of millions in a very short period of time with the launch of this new Web 2.0 Full Internet Upgrade.

The foundation that YOU are building right now with be the fuse that ignites that growth. Once the technology is launched this summer, the team that you pre-build now will EXPLODE simply through the use of these new Internet Upgrade technologies - it is completely viral at this point and NOT dependent on marketing efforts for growth. That's the MAGIC of our strategy with pre-building our team right now!

THIS is WHY you really should consider putting this opportunity at the TOP of your priority list for the next 60 to 90 days. The bigger your team before we launch, the better chance YOU will have to have LITERALLY MILLIONS of users below you - all spurred by the efforts of pre-building a small team now! It will truly be the match that lights the wild fire - the fire that will engulf the entire web in a very short period of time!

So, it is up to you! Where do you want to be in the BIG PICTURE? 12 to 24 months from now YOU COULD BE RETIRED, all from the 60 to 90 days worth of focused effort that you started TODAY!

NOW - Here's the challenge...

Instead of looking at the elephant as a whole, let's approach this in bite size chunks! Let's plan your next 7 to 14 days of activity. We'll just take it one day at a time - and the outcome from this little bit of focused effort can make you WEALTHY!

We offer you this challenge - starting TODAY!

Everyone who gets at least 1 free sign up per day for the next 14 days is AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO OUR FOUNDERS MEDIA BLITZ CAMPAIGN that we will be launching on July 1st!!!

So, you will not only be earning shares in the Million Dollar Pool and pre-building a comfortable launch pad with this team, you will also earn a position in our MEDIA BLITZ rotational campaign that we are going to do on July 1st with our new "Movie Studio" quality marketing video!

Further, and as an incentive for ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS WHO JOIN FROM THIS POINT FORWARD - EVERYONE who signs up at least 1 person per day for two weeks, from the day they join until 2 weeks prior to July 1st will earn a spot in this campaign! THIS IS HUGE!!!

This campaign will be BLITZED ALL OVER THE WEB and rotate the sign-ups to our winners! Talk about a POWERFUL marketing campaign that will help EXPLODE YOUR TEAM into the history books!!!

Our mission is to saturate the entire internet by offering this new Web 2.0 FULL Internet Upgrade technology and with this promotion and all of our efforts, we will experience MASSIVE saturation and growth FAST! This means BIG BIG BIG financial success and rewards for those who take advantage of this opportunity RIGHT NOW!

So what are you waiting for? Start compiling a list of EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Send them a short email inviting them to join for free.

Something like:


The ENTIRE INTERNET is about to be upgraded to Web 2.0 Standards and you can get it for FREE - PLUS, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to promote it. Go to the site below now to join for free and get your share of the money!


Ok, let's get started!!!

Log-in to your back office here:

Your site:

NOTE: We will always add fresh URLs for your use. The old ones will continue to work as well and credit you for your referrals. Log into your back office for a list of new URLs each week.

Team Support


And so the Web 2.0 Compliant WWW Platform Million Dollar Question remains:

Is this for real?

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