Friday, April 11, 2008

Barnum, Bailey, the 3-Ring Circus, the Kitchen Sink . . . .

Do you believe everything you read? How about every online announcement in the Internet marketing universe that comes your way? Like, for example, this one, which found me this morning in front of the machine at home prior to my being in front of this machine now at "work" (This is work?!??) ---

Your world will completely change in:
80 days 8 hours 13 minutes 13 seconds

--- with the clock still ticking.

This website goes on to make big claims concerning another "something new" soon to happen that will totally shake up the Internet. Of course, it's free to join up. The initial incentive? Share in the one million dollars (I assume that is in US currency) that this project is going to give to all its members who get in before the official launch date scheduled for the First of July (that's July of 2008, for your information). I guess if they get two million people registered that I could use an extra fifty cents. But anyway, that's not actually the cool part of what CashBlasterPro sez it's up to. Apparently, doomed or fated or designed intelligently to become bigger than not only Microsoft and Google but even bigger than Jupiter and maybe Sol, CBP will be the responsible party involved in making the entire World Wide Web completely Web 2.0 compliant.

One gigantic online social networking platform.

Did I join up for free? Absolutely. Will you? Only time will tell . . .

. . . like if tomorrow the ticker is still on Day 80 or not.

P.S. (On a blog? Are you kidding? Dammit, Jim, I'm not kidding!) Will I be promoting CBP via my personal network of traffic exchange sites? You betcha by golly gee whiz yeah, baby, I mean why not?

P.S.S. I almost forgot about the catch. You know, like the Heller novel, right? In order to qualify for the million bucks, you have to get at least two other nincompoops to join up under you, meaning me, as in, this nincompoop, yours truly, Iago de Otto (not his real name) invites all and sundry that land on this blogsite and espy this specific sentence to click through on my link to CBP and sign up under aforementioned Iago de Otto.

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