Monday, April 21, 2008


Okay, fifteen minutes remain before I am outta here, the office, and heading back home. But I just clicked through to register, for free I might add, for the SpiderWeb Marketing System. I paused the video that introduces it at the point where it explains how to log in to the SWMS back office in order to type this paragraph. Isn't that interesting?

The point is, I now have another point of reference in the online marketing soup, another item, another ingredient, thrown into the mix, more to study and learn in order to reduce what I have to do, which makes a whole lot of sense, ha ha . . . .

Earlier I was dealing with BeBiz once again, it's been a while, in order to set up a landing page or whatever it's called, whether a "home page" or a "squeeze page" or a "lead capture" page, but it got into some areas that found my brain getting sleepy and my mind getting foggy, the middle of the afternoon and all that after getting up at around 5 in the AM. Right now the pleasant-sounding gentleman on SWMS's first video is telling how to set up an Adwords account. But golly gee heck-a-roo, boys and girls, it's 6pm, and I am, as mentioned beforehand, outta here. Should be back at the ranch within the hour I guess.

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