Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Return From The Actual Depths Part Three

7:25AM, Tuesday. It is time that I went back to work. High time.

Mrs Iago and yours truly have a game plan, one which I hope is not too untoward.

Her current income is nothing to scoff at, yet it is going to be no more. She is to become "domestic", learn yoga, teach me her new moves to revamp my own previous yogic synergy, go shopping . . . .

Uh, not that last part. I mean I think not, but maybe we were not on the same page of our game plan when that tidbit floated to the surface. So go game plans, but nevertheless this coming May may see an upsurge in my traffic exchange results at any rate. You see, Mrs Iago is going to join me in My Internet Business . . . although she still thinks that it is "just" my internet business.

Where to start her off is the dilemma now facing said yours truly. By getting familiar with the traffic exchanges? By looking into the Ewen Chia stuff? By jumping right into My Internet Business? My traveling about to all the computer cram schools for kids to tout GDI? By working on her own GDI site? By taking the garbage out? That has to be done too, and at the proper hour, after the guy rides by on his one-speed bicycle ringing the bell.

By promoting MIB to people in Taiwan, both on and offline? Hmm, maybe. So in that case yes she should immerse herself in it first. Then we compile a list, but not one of those "the money's in the list" lists. No, this here list is gonna be a list of ---

Okay, yeah.


Think, the Bureau of Foreign Trade. Small and medium entrepreneurs looking to find out what the Intrepid Netrepreneur has to offer and more than willing to sign on. I like that, that's good. Relationships fused via communicative clarity consultancy between English and Chinese. This might work. Face-to-face interaction? Confidence building or too early to tell . . . .

I'm not quite at the Actual Surface as of yet, but at least I am not walking with the flounders, either. And Blogspot just told me: "Draft auto saved at 7:56 AM"

Initial immersion in all things MIB. A possible approach to the untowardness.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Return From The Actual Depths Part Two

The Bourne Supremacy has Jason looking at Landy through a sniper scope and talking about being pulled in. "She's standing right next to you," he sez. It's playing on cable across the living room behind me. I love these flicks.

Mrs Iago is talking at/with me from around the corner in the kitchen while she cuts veggies lovingly.

I am making stabs at updating my My Internet Business business strategies and the stats on said strategies. Why haven't I attended to this earlier, one might conjecture? But wait a minute, I gotta check out what Bourne is up to . . .

. . . and Mrs Iago wants to know what I think.

Back in Part Three, methinx.

Return From The Actual Depths Part One

Well, it's Monday early evening and I chose, along with the good Mrs Iago, to go the pigeon beer route over the weekend and neither of the Iagos ventured away from Shulin and into our respective normal office hours today. It's marital bliss to blow off work together.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Actual Depths

A little bit of this and a little bit of that just getting in the way, that's all it is. Nothing serious, nothing to write home about, but maybe something to write about in this here Chaos Chasm blog. That is, it is once again the end of a weekday week type of time progression, yes, it's Friday, and late afternoon at that, and within a few I'll be heading off into the depths of the city, the actual deep depths, far below the surface, as in, the Metro, and a few minutes after that little commute, I'll be changing to the railway, still underground, until I emerge across town at street level on my way to little old Global Village and a two-hour stint pretending to actually be helping some folx think that they are improving their English language communication skills.

So, what of it? Well, once this 7-to-9 "class" has expired, I will be getting back on the railway for a thirty-minute ride to the little burg of Shulin in the southwestern sector of the Taipei County Basin to get home to get back on my home computer (which is at home, by the way) and then finally get busy filling y'all in on what's what with My Internet Business. Or maybe I'll drink that luscious ale in the pigeon bottle and watch HBO until 5 in the Satmorn. We'll just have to wait and see . . .

Monday, April 21, 2008

SocNet Sanctioning

Pimp Myspace delivers a MySpacer's delight, a cornucopia of sweetmeats, rainbow jellies and licorice sticks, mind candy for the socnet soul.

But more on that later. Guess what I just did. I came across another blogspot blog which I misconstrued was involved with My Internet Business, began posting madly to, and then realized that it was for some totally other "online op".

So, in my fourth and final posting, I wrote this ---


Iago de Otto said...

Oh my good Lord! Bloody hell!! What a boner I have pulled. Woe is me.

All this time during my other postings on this blog I thought everyone was on the same page and it turns out that I am in the wrong book.

I mean, maybe this My Internet Business, which is not actually My Internet Business, is better than my internet business, which is My Internet Business. Maybe not. It is too early for me to know and too late for me to find out what this My Internet Business that isn't my internet business which is My Internet Business is all about. I mean, like I care. After all, I just spent a whole bunch of valuable time posting to this blogsite thinking that it was connected to the My Internet Business which is, well, you know what it is and which is which now, don't you? Man, am I glad we got that cleared up. I am sooo embarrassed.

April 21, 2008 10:16 AM


And that's pretty funny. More about Pimp Myspace later. It is a Web 2.0 social networking platform thingee, which I am gonna start referring to just as socnet, is that's okay with you. Thanx in advance.


Okay, fifteen minutes remain before I am outta here, the office, and heading back home. But I just clicked through to register, for free I might add, for the SpiderWeb Marketing System. I paused the video that introduces it at the point where it explains how to log in to the SWMS back office in order to type this paragraph. Isn't that interesting?

The point is, I now have another point of reference in the online marketing soup, another item, another ingredient, thrown into the mix, more to study and learn in order to reduce what I have to do, which makes a whole lot of sense, ha ha . . . .

Earlier I was dealing with BeBiz once again, it's been a while, in order to set up a landing page or whatever it's called, whether a "home page" or a "squeeze page" or a "lead capture" page, but it got into some areas that found my brain getting sleepy and my mind getting foggy, the middle of the afternoon and all that after getting up at around 5 in the AM. Right now the pleasant-sounding gentleman on SWMS's first video is telling how to set up an Adwords account. But golly gee heck-a-roo, boys and girls, it's 6pm, and I am, as mentioned beforehand, outta here. Should be back at the ranch within the hour I guess.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Sold Your Toe

Making an opt-in page for CashBlasterPro using TrafficWave. Once I finally found the link to make these little websites I was a happy camper with TrafficWave. There was a period there where I was sure that I clearly remembered that there was a way in TW to set these MFs up but couldn't quite recall where I had seen that link lying around inside good old TW, which I have grown quite fond of, like a nephew. Yeah. I think, like a nephew. Not like an uncle or a grandmother. Well, maybe not like a nephew exactly, maybe more like a favorite Volkswagen Bug in high school, but maybe I am saying too much here . . .

. . . and did I tell you guys that I really like TrafficWave?

And yeah and so like I'm gonna send encouragement to MY LIST to go CBPro. Rah! Rah!

I told you so.

I told you I was throwing stones at CBP to encourage its resiliency.

I didn't tell you that? Okay, I didn't tell you that. It probably's one of those thing that just happens in your mind, know what I mean. Let's forget the whole thing.

Where was I? Working on My Internet Kazillionaire Business, wasn't I?

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Internet Kazillionaire Business

When you click through to MIB at ---


--- you are directed to a website landing page with two immediate conflicting messages and two alternative directions to head within its system.

The conflict is in the mixed messages between the first announcement, in quotation marks, to greet the visitor, which reads ---

"It's Official . . . MyInternetBusiness.com Is Now Launched!"

--- and this unquoted sentence that follows ---

Corporate Site Is Now Under Construction

Now, to my way of thinking, which may be way off, but way off what I'll never know, these two pieces of information juxtaposed like this just send thrills of delight up into the polar tunnel of my mental tuning fork, and a cacophony of going, "Huh?" begins its reverberations twixt my eardrums. Each sentence comes in a calming darkly green font hue.

Next to greet the intrepid adventurer in that which constitutes this online soup of eager beavers chasing the proverbial buck are the two choices of either signing up and becoming a sure-fired licit participant in all that MIB is, or simply logging into one's MIB account.

And then there are the usual suspects of the customer support ilk. Actually there is just one of these subjects, although the same URL is presented three times. Heck, whadoncha jist go check 'er out fer yerself there pardner . . . at


But anyway, the gist (not the "jist", that was just in jest) is me wondering how something can be officially launched and still under construction at the same time. I mean, I'm no engineer, except perhaps in how I engineer my own messages and missives and meanings, but I don't think that I would do that to, for example, a bridge. Maybe a very small and insignificant bridge, like for fire ants trying to get into my house or something. I mean, is this even considered, dare I say it (Shock'n'awe!!!
Shock'n'awe!!! Shock'n'awe!!!) --- PERFESHUNNEL? Ye gads, I might be onto something here. I will bear down and give it some duly processed thought.

So anyway, though, that's what's on the entry point into the back office regions of My Internet Business.

Teach a man how to get a fishing pole . . .

And, if necessary, teach a man what fish are about. ("Well, fish are about water. This means at least two things. One of these things might be that fish have this intense relationship with water. Another could very well be the notion of fish frolicking about in water, as in they hang out there, them fishies be all about in the water all the time.")

But I don't know if you actually have to show the man how to fish. He can figure that out by himself if he has a fishing pole, he knows what fish look and hopefully taste like and can find a body of water containing fish for catching with his brand new pole.

Next time we go inside. No state secrets, sorry, skeletal scaling only, interfacial framework. Stay in touch.

Down To Brass Tax

Enough of this dally-footing around nonsense, this, this . . . hogwash.

My Internet Business coming right up.

Throw The First Stone

Panic? Did I panic? Are you thinking that I panicked, that I am the panicky type? Well, I gotta say this about that.

Nay. Nyet. Not. It is not true. I was just . . . mucking about.

Okay, okay so I'm a hypocrite. I'm a hypocritical oaf and should take the Hippocratic Oath, I get you. But be that as it may, I am happy to see the false-flag alarm of the early demise of CashBlasterPro, despite the chills of scam scare that run up my spine each time I come into contact with these words strung together as a legit biz domain name, run its wayward course.

That's right, boys and girls, CBP is still on its feet. No nonsense like that 403 doohickey popping up today. Now, the question lurks, ought I to pen a news brief on this and throw it to the cyber winds?

Okay, 12:55 in the PM, this tells me to get my butt to the office. More on this in a bit. Toodle-loooooooo . . . .

Another One Bites The Dust

Whoah, that was fast.

Cash Blaster Pro access seems barred. I get "a 403 Forbidden error", which when googled warrants up info implying that the URL itself is radioactively taboo and you will never hear from those folks again. At least that's what I have read into it. Enough said. Arriveriderci CBP. Alas, you were so short-lived, cut down pre-launch like, brave knave.

So, I wonder what that was all about.

But never fear, it clears up my schedule to put more value into My Internet Business, soon to be linked up with My Internet Kazillionaire Business. Now that's exciting. We'll just forget about all that other brouhaha. For now . . . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Dark And Stormy Night

I have registered via Kiosk the domain, drumroll please . . .

. . . www.myinternetkazillionairebusiness.com

Plans are to use www.myinternetkazillionairebusiness.com
as a platform for My Internet Business. That's a good plan, isn't it?

Take your time, you don't have to answer right away. Moll it over.

So, anyway, my singular downline entity is kicking behind in building her own downline. As of this writing, SH has got seven peeps under her and her number three entity has got two of his own. Way to go, Team!! Rah-rah!! How do you do it? I still only have one. I'm guessing that SH came in under yours truly through WebBizInsider. But is my frantic plunge back into the tumultuous and rollicking waters of the traffic exchange seas worth the time lapsed or should I be doing . . . some . . . thing . . . else . . . .

But anyway, here is the most recent email from CBP directly into the safety of my inbox that I just got. It is a most engagingly encouraging missive. Thus are you counseled in reading of it.



We recently have had a bunch of questions about the "opportunity" after the Million Dollar Give Away, and how it would be beneficial in the long run...

We are going to answer this and show you how building a team now by leveraging the Million Dollar Give Away, can literally make a FORTUNE when we launch our technologies.

This is very important to understand, so please pay very close attention. Your financial future is at stake here!

When we launch the new Web 2.0 Full Internet Upgrade, we are also launching revenue modules that are commissionable to our team with a multi-tiered affiliate program. These tools will consist of "advanced" marketing tools based on the Web 2.0 technologies for webmasters and marketers, as well as ad revenue streams created by the exposure from our network of users. Further, we will be releasing content channels with specific, target products to those channels - all commissionable to the affiliates!

Now, DO UNDERSTAND that the BIG ATTRACTION to this company is not the fact that we have a business. We are not "opportunity driven" - in other words, our user membership after launch will not be driven by the fact that we have an affiliate program. Our user-base will grow FAST, into the hundreds of thousands OVERNIGHT, and into the tens of millions in a very short period of time with the launch of this new Web 2.0 Full Internet Upgrade.

The foundation that YOU are building right now with be the fuse that ignites that growth. Once the technology is launched this summer, the team that you pre-build now will EXPLODE simply through the use of these new Internet Upgrade technologies - it is completely viral at this point and NOT dependent on marketing efforts for growth. That's the MAGIC of our strategy with pre-building our team right now!

THIS is WHY you really should consider putting this opportunity at the TOP of your priority list for the next 60 to 90 days. The bigger your team before we launch, the better chance YOU will have to have LITERALLY MILLIONS of users below you - all spurred by the efforts of pre-building a small team now! It will truly be the match that lights the wild fire - the fire that will engulf the entire web in a very short period of time!

So, it is up to you! Where do you want to be in the BIG PICTURE? 12 to 24 months from now YOU COULD BE RETIRED, all from the 60 to 90 days worth of focused effort that you started TODAY!

NOW - Here's the challenge...

Instead of looking at the elephant as a whole, let's approach this in bite size chunks! Let's plan your next 7 to 14 days of activity. We'll just take it one day at a time - and the outcome from this little bit of focused effort can make you WEALTHY!

We offer you this challenge - starting TODAY!

Everyone who gets at least 1 free sign up per day for the next 14 days is AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO OUR FOUNDERS MEDIA BLITZ CAMPAIGN that we will be launching on July 1st!!!

So, you will not only be earning shares in the Million Dollar Pool and pre-building a comfortable launch pad with this team, you will also earn a position in our MEDIA BLITZ rotational campaign that we are going to do on July 1st with our new "Movie Studio" quality marketing video!

Further, and as an incentive for ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS WHO JOIN FROM THIS POINT FORWARD - EVERYONE who signs up at least 1 person per day for two weeks, from the day they join until 2 weeks prior to July 1st will earn a spot in this campaign! THIS IS HUGE!!!

This campaign will be BLITZED ALL OVER THE WEB and rotate the sign-ups to our winners! Talk about a POWERFUL marketing campaign that will help EXPLODE YOUR TEAM into the history books!!!

Our mission is to saturate the entire internet by offering this new Web 2.0 FULL Internet Upgrade technology and with this promotion and all of our efforts, we will experience MASSIVE saturation and growth FAST! This means BIG BIG BIG financial success and rewards for those who take advantage of this opportunity RIGHT NOW!

So what are you waiting for? Start compiling a list of EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Send them a short email inviting them to join for free.

Something like:


The ENTIRE INTERNET is about to be upgraded to Web 2.0 Standards and you can get it for FREE - PLUS, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to promote it. Go to the site below now to join for free and get your share of the money!


Ok, let's get started!!!

Log-in to your back office here:

Your site:

NOTE: We will always add fresh URLs for your use. The old ones will continue to work as well and credit you for your referrals. Log into your back office for a list of new URLs each week.

Team Support


And so the Web 2.0 Compliant WWW Platform Million Dollar Question remains:

Is this for real?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ratcheting Saliva Samples

I confess of a passion for the clicking of fingernails in my mind awaiting my attention toward something more wholesome than merely hanging in the traffic exchange world. But I stand by them as well, I will not pull out on my traffic exchange relationship, I'm in deep, for the duration.

I have done something that I had never done before, and I like it.

I have just used the present as well as the ever more less seen past perfect in one simple compound-complex sentence to say something very banal but noteworthy.

No, wait a minute, that's not what I was originally thinking about. What I meant was, is, that today I used, extensively, traffic exchange ad promo work to promote only one thing, which if you insist then is this. Prior to this I had never targeted a singular product to the negligence of its competitors.

It was fun and exciting in a Dorothy-meeting-the-Scarecrow type of way, as in that it was, is, a discovery, but there has also been a lot of clicking, which is boring, as in boring into my attention span and making my mind drift away from the challenge of paying attention to what I am clicking on and wondering how else I might otherwise be spending my time building an Internet kazillionaire business.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Life and Times

Just a short note.

Spent the day with some RSS alternatives, as far as what it stands for, but I didn't come up with anything much better than Really Simple Stupid. But do not let me mislead. Roughly Slippery Searching occupied most of the day and this was in a good way. Suffice it is to mention that I am more a part of the world wide web now.

More on this later. Time to crash with the Wicked Witch of the West.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Barnum, Bailey, the 3-Ring Circus, the Kitchen Sink . . . .

Do you believe everything you read? How about every online announcement in the Internet marketing universe that comes your way? Like, for example, this one, which found me this morning in front of the machine at home prior to my being in front of this machine now at "work" (This is work?!??) ---

Your world will completely change in:
80 days 8 hours 13 minutes 13 seconds

--- with the clock still ticking.

This website goes on to make big claims concerning another "something new" soon to happen that will totally shake up the Internet. Of course, it's free to join up. The initial incentive? Share in the one million dollars (I assume that is in US currency) that this project is going to give to all its members who get in before the official launch date scheduled for the First of July (that's July of 2008, for your information). I guess if they get two million people registered that I could use an extra fifty cents. But anyway, that's not actually the cool part of what CashBlasterPro sez it's up to. Apparently, doomed or fated or designed intelligently to become bigger than not only Microsoft and Google but even bigger than Jupiter and maybe Sol, CBP will be the responsible party involved in making the entire World Wide Web completely Web 2.0 compliant.

One gigantic online social networking platform.

Did I join up for free? Absolutely. Will you? Only time will tell . . .

. . . like if tomorrow the ticker is still on Day 80 or not.

P.S. (On a blog? Are you kidding? Dammit, Jim, I'm not kidding!) Will I be promoting CBP via my personal network of traffic exchange sites? You betcha by golly gee whiz yeah, baby, I mean why not?

P.S.S. I almost forgot about the catch. You know, like the Heller novel, right? In order to qualify for the million bucks, you have to get at least two other nincompoops to join up under you, meaning me, as in, this nincompoop, yours truly, Iago de Otto (not his real name) invites all and sundry that land on this blogsite and espy this specific sentence to click through on my link to CBP and sign up under aforementioned Iago de Otto.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Precious Metals

Gold or Platinum?

As far as I can figure, upgrading to Platinum is gonna cost me another $250. I think it is just a one-time payment. But I have only just begun to explore the MIB back office, so there well could be a fiscal fright awaiting me in this regard even though my gut sez nah . . . .

The back office looks good, by the way. I remain convinced that joining My Internet Business is a wise move. Sitting in my BOFT office in the late afternoon I was, among other things, just getting into the daily planner info when suddenly, we lost power. And I lost a couple of paragraphs on the article I was writing for the new monthly rag that the Bureau is going to start putting out. So those paragraphs are gone, wherever it is such stuff goes in the cyber world. And it is due tomorrow.

But I should not have been writing that then anyway if I am to religiously follow the guidance of the MIB back office daily planner. I am still not the most organized individual in the universe.

I wonder, though, if my credit card can handle that $250 upgrade to Platinum status. It sure is tempting, but how much do I owe from the trip to Bali at the end of March, therein is the rub. Thank my lucky stars that the Ericksonian Hypnosis Course is free. The burden, the burden. My sister, my daughter. MIB or NLP. The smell of plastic in the morning.

Hell, why not both MIB and NLP and BOFT? I CAN do it!!! I WILL do it!!!

Am I ever excited. Big changes ahead. Unless of course I drink heavily on Friday night . . . .

Click here to join Kiosk!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hooray, Hooray, I'm On My Way

Okay, I'm in.

It took an "angry letter" to get "immediate action". Prior to the arrival of the separate My Internet Business support ticket website, I had already sent in a request for support because, after paying my way in at $49 for the annual Associate Fee and the first time payment of the $59 monthly fee for a total of $108 (I have such superior math skills), using my Passport to Wealth username and password as instructed, I was unable to log in to my MIB account.

The first request included my confession of stupidly and accidentally paying the entire $108 twice due to a bit of confusion about the process. I was informed in the reply letter that the second payment had been refunded. That's pretty cool. But in that the "big launch" had the MIB peeps so busy, it would take a few days (72 hours I think it was) to take care of the login problem. I figured, that's all right with me, although I was fairly excited about taking a look at the back office of my MIB site.

So, after a couple of days when I still couldn't get inside, I wrote a second support ticket, this time through the new support ticket website. I had also informed Jason, my main man, P2W upline dude and fearless leader mentor in the Golden 25 Mastermind, of the login difficulty, and he wrote back informing me that there was this busy flurry of activity as a result of the aforementioned "big launch" happenstance and that it might take a week or so to get it all together. Because Jason is involved personally with the MIB process as an early founding member, back in the day when he was barred from giving to many details about MIB to G25M, writing copy and all that, I also informed the MIB support team of my relationship with him. Plus, I included my first request ticket letter and their response to that letter. This in essence was what I threw together in the second request when using the MIB support ticket website. The response? Check it out:



I am sorry, however, we are in the middle of a large launch. IF you are having a specific issue...please submit only those details. We do not have time to read through this entire email. We only need a summary, not the history. What exactly is the problem? Thanks.


I'm thinking, who's David? I let them know in fairly "no uncertain terms", more or less, that I had written a "friendly" letter with only the "pertinent details". And that got the job done, but only after being "miffed" in my third support ticket request. So now I'm a happy MIB camper.

And so that's what this blog is going to be about. My Internet Business. My ups, my downs, the good, the bad, and the beautiful. If it gets ugly, I'll put that here to. But basically --- Hooray, hooray, I'm on my way, my internet business starts today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why Not Another Chaos Chasm?

Yeah, so this is Chaos Chasm II, and for those of you that cannot possibly figure out what that means, I will help you out here. I have another blog via Google entitled, simply, Chaos Chaos (minus the Roman Numeral representing, well, 1, or, δΈ€, if you can read classical Chinese). That's all it means, it's just that simple. Now, as far as what chaos and chasm are doing together within one phrase, i.e., Chaos Chasm, I'll get back to that on the rebound. So stay tuned.

However. If you insist, yes, there is a Chaos Chasm "website" as opposed to "blogsite" (or two . . . there were three, but, well, never mind about that right now . . . .).

Anyway, my other Blogspot blog, the first Chaos Chasm, uses another Gmail account, the access info for which escapes me at the moment, and when I found a blog that I wished to comment on today I took the coward's way out and instead of bravely going in search of that other blog's login stats, I just started another one, and hence, Chaos Chasm II.


Holographic Visualization


Click Here!

MIB Is Not Always Sci-fi

In this case, MIB stands not for the Jones/Smith flix, but rather, for My Internet Business. But be that as it may, just a day or so into the official launch of Darren Gaudry's new baby, there is something a bit other-worldly going on. Not that I mind that much in that I'm generally really enamored of other worlds, and I even like science fiction too.

But after getting into My Internet Business early via my membership in Passport to Wealth, Darren's other big thing --- I don't actually know how many big things he has --- and after paying my dues, so to speak, said payment just breaking the hundred dollar mark ever so slightly, a combo of the first slice of the recurring annual fee and the more costly monthly membership money, I am still unable to log in to my MIB back office. The system refuses to recognize my registration email address, my username or my password.

My third request to the MIB support team was in the tone of one a bit miffed by the seeming attitude of said team's response to my second request. Whoever responded to my request, which I was told was a "history", but which I myself do not even consider to be a short story but a mere "recap of the pertinent details" (my words), claims to be too busy with the "big launch" (their words [His words? Her words? Its words? Maybe it was a bot replying to me, and thus the less than humanistic vibe . . . .]) to handle my third request in a manner that I see fit. Like I don't matter now that I have given up my moolah.