Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hooray, Hooray, I'm On My Way

Okay, I'm in.

It took an "angry letter" to get "immediate action". Prior to the arrival of the separate My Internet Business support ticket website, I had already sent in a request for support because, after paying my way in at $49 for the annual Associate Fee and the first time payment of the $59 monthly fee for a total of $108 (I have such superior math skills), using my Passport to Wealth username and password as instructed, I was unable to log in to my MIB account.

The first request included my confession of stupidly and accidentally paying the entire $108 twice due to a bit of confusion about the process. I was informed in the reply letter that the second payment had been refunded. That's pretty cool. But in that the "big launch" had the MIB peeps so busy, it would take a few days (72 hours I think it was) to take care of the login problem. I figured, that's all right with me, although I was fairly excited about taking a look at the back office of my MIB site.

So, after a couple of days when I still couldn't get inside, I wrote a second support ticket, this time through the new support ticket website. I had also informed Jason, my main man, P2W upline dude and fearless leader mentor in the Golden 25 Mastermind, of the login difficulty, and he wrote back informing me that there was this busy flurry of activity as a result of the aforementioned "big launch" happenstance and that it might take a week or so to get it all together. Because Jason is involved personally with the MIB process as an early founding member, back in the day when he was barred from giving to many details about MIB to G25M, writing copy and all that, I also informed the MIB support team of my relationship with him. Plus, I included my first request ticket letter and their response to that letter. This in essence was what I threw together in the second request when using the MIB support ticket website. The response? Check it out:



I am sorry, however, we are in the middle of a large launch. IF you are having a specific issue...please submit only those details. We do not have time to read through this entire email. We only need a summary, not the history. What exactly is the problem? Thanks.


I'm thinking, who's David? I let them know in fairly "no uncertain terms", more or less, that I had written a "friendly" letter with only the "pertinent details". And that got the job done, but only after being "miffed" in my third support ticket request. So now I'm a happy MIB camper.

And so that's what this blog is going to be about. My Internet Business. My ups, my downs, the good, the bad, and the beautiful. If it gets ugly, I'll put that here to. But basically --- Hooray, hooray, I'm on my way, my internet business starts today.

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