Saturday, May 3, 2008

Match Point

The game plan yours truly, the Intrepid Netrepreneur at Chaos Chasm, Iago de Otto, and Mrs Iago, have formulated, purportedly, kicks into action, purportedly, tomorrow, Sunday the Fourth of May in the Gregorian Calendar Year Twenty-Oh-Eight, the Roll-around Year of the Rat, to reign in these cyber gremlins in the family online soup of viral network marketing shenanigans.

But then there is the matter of the first-born rugrat (speaking of the Rat Year) of the elder twin of Mrs Iago and the undetermined first-time visit of this kid's aunt and uncle. As Mrs Iago is only of recent note on this splendid spring late-mid afternoon actually arising to meet the day, or what's left of it, or perhaps her game plan for right now is to more casually just greet the approaching evening and ask what's for dinner, we have not adjusted the launch hour of tomorrow's truly large game plan. As Mr V is known to note, so it goes . . .

. . . but speaking of speaking of, the first conference call ( I think it was the first, or at least the first "official" one, or whatever, that doesn't really matter) of the father and son team giving a more in depth look at Cash Blaster Pro, which is for sure a silly rabbit name --- Harvey is a much better rabbit name; but I digress, or maybe I was just hallucinating, but anyway, CBP's hour-long conference call is now up for a relistening in the CBP back office. Although it was just Dad and Son Robert --- I came in to the concall a few minutes late and did not get Daddy's name, Robert just called him "Dad", which I though was . . . sweet --- it does look like this is Barnum and Bailey under the Big Tent. The new chore, let's call it a "task", is to get fourteen direct level oners into my back office stats before CBP's big launch, speaking of rocket ships, on July First of said same Rat Year. I currently see five peeps in my "team".

I gotta email my team!!!!!!!!!!!

Ye gads, do I ever neglect my duties.

Such as, besides prioritizing, also including sending out a press release to a bunch of places that deal with press releases. In the CBP back office there is a nice one ready made but it looks like it requires using html code. At least I think it's html code, but it very well could be php, but I gotta tell you, concentrating on CBP is as escalating as fighting with cops doing PHC. Uh, I don't mean that the cops are doing, uhhh --- sorry, sorry. Where was I?

Okay, I gotta get off this blog for a bit and go look for that pre-written list of things to do that I was gonna type up and save in a file in a folder on my hard drive in --- well, okay, I didn't decide that part yet, where to save this list of priorities, but I'll get to that in a minute, just as soon as I, um, I , okay, ahh . . . hold on a sec, I'll be right back.

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