Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why Not Another Chaos Chasm?

Yeah, so this is Chaos Chasm II, and for those of you that cannot possibly figure out what that means, I will help you out here. I have another blog via Google entitled, simply, Chaos Chaos (minus the Roman Numeral representing, well, 1, or, δΈ€, if you can read classical Chinese). That's all it means, it's just that simple. Now, as far as what chaos and chasm are doing together within one phrase, i.e., Chaos Chasm, I'll get back to that on the rebound. So stay tuned.

However. If you insist, yes, there is a Chaos Chasm "website" as opposed to "blogsite" (or two . . . there were three, but, well, never mind about that right now . . . .).

Anyway, my other Blogspot blog, the first Chaos Chasm, uses another Gmail account, the access info for which escapes me at the moment, and when I found a blog that I wished to comment on today I took the coward's way out and instead of bravely going in search of that other blog's login stats, I just started another one, and hence, Chaos Chasm II.


Holographic Visualization


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