Friday, April 18, 2008

Throw The First Stone

Panic? Did I panic? Are you thinking that I panicked, that I am the panicky type? Well, I gotta say this about that.

Nay. Nyet. Not. It is not true. I was just . . . mucking about.

Okay, okay so I'm a hypocrite. I'm a hypocritical oaf and should take the Hippocratic Oath, I get you. But be that as it may, I am happy to see the false-flag alarm of the early demise of CashBlasterPro, despite the chills of scam scare that run up my spine each time I come into contact with these words strung together as a legit biz domain name, run its wayward course.

That's right, boys and girls, CBP is still on its feet. No nonsense like that 403 doohickey popping up today. Now, the question lurks, ought I to pen a news brief on this and throw it to the cyber winds?

Okay, 12:55 in the PM, this tells me to get my butt to the office. More on this in a bit. Toodle-loooooooo . . . .

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