Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Dynamic Fantastic

I couldn't resist. When an email from a long lost love of an affiliate relationship that I keep forgetting about sent its monthly or whenever report on my sales stats that have yet to surpass the zero symbol of financial success
into one of my gmail accounts, I clicked on through to this almost forgotten and definitely neglected mindtech software site Deep Trance to circumnavigate its waters and was delightfully stunned to find this waiting for me all innocent-and-natural-like.

Sex Magnetism with Hypnosis

What's a lad to do?

Well, this lad was reminded of Mrs Iago by the pool in Bali in March on shrooms. I know, that might seem silly, but that is what it reminded me of. Not so much anymore now that I am getting used to it, but it does put me into a kind of trance.

But anyway, that is not what today's posting is concerning. No, a new screaming seagull is screaming for my attention and calling attention to my prioritization issues scenario that I'm gonna star in eventually in a new Nick Jackelson flick, which is what Mrs Iago calls Jack because, well, she gets his name mixed up. Go grrrl!

No, today's message has to do with a new membership sight being operated by four fantastic fellows by the names of John Delavera, Jeremy Gislason, Simon Hodgkinson and JP Schoeffel. Their new baby goes by the cyber address moniker of Dynamic4Marketing.com.

So, you get it? Dynamic Four. Fantastic Fellows. Fantastic Four. The Dynamic Fantastic. Do you follow my clever logic? Okay, maybe it is slightly quantum, but none of that matters anyway anymore than that bikini-clad babe at the beginning of this piece of --- uh, wait a minute . . . I was, uh . . . oh, yeah . . . Jessica Alba --- no! it was, I almost got it now, it's . . . .

Ah, shit, it's gone. Now I have gotta scroll back up and see what I was talking about. Dammit, Jim.

You know, yours truly the Intrepid Netrepreneur is one you can truly trust to know and to expose the truth about online home-based entrepreneurialistic challenge: "It's hard work," if I may quote His Petulancy the Pretzeldent, Incurious George II.

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