Friday, May 23, 2008

Brass Tax Returns

One newsletter I regularly receive in my gmail account is from SiteProNews.com, and I say this with nary a sodium granule between my teeth, that is, in full and wholehearted acceptance. There is always some terrific taste to sample from this newsletter. This time around I found implanted in the ole inbox a free version of a bit of software downloadable to one's desktop that guarantees the finetuning of one's SEO efforts with a little learning tutorial which upon completion provides what is being hailed as a certificate of CIM, Competent Internet Marketer. I mean, that alone, the sensational CIM, should get eager return buyers flooding my servers again and again in mouth-frothing anticipation of my next neat item for sale.

This SEO software is entitled --- "Web CEO". Since I have only just downloaded and installed it onto my machine, and correspondingly only just browsed over to the recommended Web CEO University site at http://www.seo-training-course.com for more help in coming to terms with this new friendly monster, there is not a whole lot left to report on this sitcom at this time. There is a whole lot of studying to be happening, I reckon. Better get crackin'!!

But first, let me just say this about that --- the Intrepid Netrepreneur does not frown down in disgust with a contemptuous shake of his head at the thought of being recognized also as a so-called competent marketer even if it takes a CIM to prove it. So there! And na-na na-na naaaa-naaaaaaaaaaaa . . . .

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