Friday, May 2, 2008

King Con

So, we could do with a bit of an update, couldn't we, gang?

Where to begin? Where to end, for that matter?

How about with My Net Biz. My new GDI website. Yeah, I was surprised to score this domain name. The full URL is --- http://www.mynetbiz.biz

It is, you know, in the making, but I'm thinking of it as a portal into My Internet Business for one. I hope that the "hint for the clueless" does not offend. All in good fun, say, wot?

I will be looking at fleshing out the various pages with irreverently relevant content per is my style, in hopes that said "humors" waft well on the Net. If my content is gonna hafta be king, it is going to be a funny king, one with a sense of the absurd. My content king will be the joker in its own court. That's the plan, anyway. And if you don't laugh, the king will cut off your head. Only in jest though.

So there's that.

And then there's this, Qassia. First, what a great combination of letters to form a word. Does it mean something or merely represent it? I like the feel of the word as it rolls off my palate and springs off my tongue with that little huff of breath. Way cool.

More wayly cool even is that Qassia runs right up my alley in terms getting Net-coverage of content. It's about reading and writing and I like to do both.

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