Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bear My Bones Barely

Over at cre8asiteforum.com, I just read the following comment by forum member DCrx, and I wonder how these guys know about Chaos Chasm. I guess that the Intrepid Netrepreneur is becoming a household relic. Anyway, here's that comment:

"A blog could be a marketing tool or a distracting mess of unrelated rambling half-thoughts."

This is in response to a previous question from forum member RisaBB regarding content on websites and weblogs, said question being the insightful "Is there some kind of guideline?"

That reminds me of an incident nearly three decades ago in a crazy, crowded hectic office by a newbie, demanding employee who just didn't get it: "Who's in charge here?" That one always cracks me up.


Let me uncategorically denote, Chaos Chasm II, my current weblog of note, is NOT just a confused medley of thought motes flecking the pixelation of Net screens amidst the cyber Multiverse, no, there is rhyme and reason to my amblings. It is not the destination, it is the gurney. And I think that BearBonesTraffic is really too cute for words (I felt compelled to squeeze that in).

At any rate, I am going to join up in Cre8asiteForum. Okay?? Can you hear me now??!! Geez, Louise, some people . . . time passing . . .

Okay, that's done, I'm all signed up and rearing to party at Cre8asite in the forum column "Free Beer While It Lasts", which is about title tags and description writing for the optimization of websites, as well as a bit just on writing titles themselves, and where forum member AbleReach comments thusly:"Beer. German. Dark. Yum. With a slab of good cheese and a big chunk of that sour whole wheat bread with the great crust." It's all so much fun that I feel all funny all over just thinking about it.

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E. Able said...

:-) Welcome to [beer] Cre8asite, Mr [free beer] Chaos.
Did I mention the [usability] free beer?

Seriously, it's always, always good to see a new member so happy.