Friday, May 9, 2008

Mia Mama Millennium Addendum

And so, what was that important thing that is mentioned in the Mia Mama Millennium posting? Well, it isn't this ---

CbproAds StoreFront

But that is pretty cool anyway. However, no, it's not that. What it was is this --- recently I realized that at the top of a Blogspot blog there is a little button entitled "Next Blog". I had a sneaking suspicion of what this means, and upon clicking that baby I found out that my suspicion was well-founded. Yes, clicking that little button will take one to another Blogspot blog. How clever!

So, by clicking away on the little button the opportunity to view and perhaps comment on other blogs becomes remarkably apparent, and that is how I came across 21st Century Capitalism, which is one Mia's blog, as well as being said Mia's website, both of which in their unique manner seem devoted primarily to, you guessed it me buckaroo! --- Internet marketing.

And as the astute among ye have undoubtedly ascertained, Mia is a mama.

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