Friday, May 23, 2008

Plastic Fantastic Rubber

Web CEO University, way up there on the inside looking out, is attractive and presents itself well. I would take it home to supper with the fam.

You will see squarely placed before your eyes the title "Internet Marketing Basics: Course contents", followed by a table of contents divided up into Stage 1, "Search Engine Marketing"; Stage 2, "E-Mail Marketing"; Stage 3, "Affiliate Marketing"; and finally Stage 4, "Web Analytics". Stage 1 breaks down into subcats in much more fullness and detail than do the other three stages.

But I gotta make a phone call. Be right back to get some more content down on Web CEO U. before later running off to the dentist for a root canal round. Phone call first.

Okay, that was painless, the first one anyway. So I am not going into the office only to turn around and make the hourishly less-than-more return trip after an hour in the workspace to get my dental into the mental. And it is pounding a flood onto the streets outside, must be a typhoon in the neighborhood. I gotta step out into this just for the pleasure of a little exscrutiating pain? Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor? But I still gotta make that other phone call . . . or do I? Hmmm.

Well, enough distraction.

I made the second call and am home free as far as only needing to get my tooth attacked later in the afternoon, well, in about an hour actually now that I am looking at the clock again, so I can concentrate on my course, I can concentrate on my course, I can concentrate on my course.

Where was I? Right.

Stage 1 divides into five parts, some of which have steps while others get straight to the lessons. For example, Part 1, "Understanding Search Engines" gives us seven lessons with titles like "Crawler-Based Search Engines", "META Engines" and "How Search Engines Rank Pages", rounding out the part with "Selected Reading List" and "Quiz (1) Understanding Search Engines". Part 2, "On-Page Optimization", to the contrary adds four steps: Step 1, "Picking out Keywords", contains Lessons 8 through 10, "Demo (1) Picking out Keywords", another reading list and the second quiz. Step 3, "Website Submission", has Lessons 16 ("Search Engines' Submission Rules and Guidelines") through 20 ("Verifying Submission Success") plus "Demo (3)" and "Quiz (4)" with a fourth selected reading list stuck in between them.

And et cetera.

Now bear in mind, lads and lasses, and Lassie you are invited too so quit wagging your tail so hard, that this is merely the university and not even the software yet. But I see that it's time to go meet my dental date in history. So be it. Back later.

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