Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mia Mama Millennium

Why do I keep doing this? Continually continuously contiguously expanding my little online empire. This time it is something being called CBProAds. Again, kinda like that pic reminding yours truly of Mrs Iago down below (Don't look too far, you'll be looking at your feet.), I couldn't resist, but this time it was a "discounted" purchase for a full-year "Pro" upgrade, and I don't think that "Pro" stands for "Profound". I think it stands for "Profane". Can't quote me on that though. It couldn't possibly stand for "Professional", that would be just too . . . obviously a half truth. The true professionals in life claim only to be perfeshunnul. It's a pride kind of thing.

Anyway, I still haven't completely floated my way around the back office of my new purchase, but as one might speculate, it is Clickbank related. I think that the "CB" part of CBProAds stands for Completely Baffled, though. Nonetheless, it is yet another avenue for the Intrepid Netrepreneur to attain the status of Internet kazillionaire, an event that is about to happen any moment now if we are all just patient enough in a wu-wei sort of manner.

But none of this is the reason for today's blog posting on Chaos Chasm II. Nosireebob, not by a long shot. Unfortunately, that's all I have time for right now. Hardy har har with catsup, or ketchup if you prefer. Did you know that there are two spellings for this condiment because it is a transliteration from a Chinese dialect? What?!?! You did!! Ah, shucks . . . .

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