Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not The Other Side

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Will it continue to happen until I am done with it? Go ask somebody ask, don't bother me with that kind of thing, I'm busy. Hey! I'm talking to you, so lissen up!

Where was I? (I'm talking to myself now, so don't bother answering . . . oh, bother! Alright, take it easy, I'll explain.)

I have gone deep into the beginning, the very root of its onset, page nĂºmero uno of --- trumpets from the ramparts --- my Gmail account. Yes, I am finally taking (baby-)steps to get that babe organized. It really is about time to face this (baby) monster, what with email missive upon email missive piling up and even way beyond my nostrils, new and eager emailers inviting themselves everyday to add to this deluge, spammers be damned! Offers I agree to accepting, some of these guys things I have paid for and consequently forgotten --- no wonder my credit card is not cooperating lately --- drowning out the pleas for attention, the cries like a little man-head 1930s mutant fly of "Help me, help me!" in those teeny high-pitched voices almost indiscernible from the squeaks of my shoe soles on the tiled floors I tread. Yes, something had to be done, and I'm doing it, by cracky!

And in thus doing, I am rediscovering a mix of earlier online marketing loves. God's tooth, they be many, a pitiful plethora in fact. Witness the following menagerie of money-mucking madness:

My Cash Mate

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Opportunity Traffic Magical Marketing What? No banner ads! Bastards!

Actually, OpTraf does serve up a couple of banner ads, but it just doesn't seem like it wants to format all friendlily like upon my weblog page. But no matter. (Friendlily? Hmmm . . . yes, right, no matter . . . but, moving right along . . . .)

Okay. That's just the first page out of, well, a lot, at any rate, as of the immediate and current sitcom, 6065 email missives. And I must say, this is quite an adventure, getting organized. Why, I should be doing this all the time, it's so much fun. So I'm jumping back into NOW. See you on the other side.

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