Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Son of Hits

I might as well just leave this baby open in that I keep finding these tidbits that I want to remember. So here goes . . . this list of whatnots could get pretty lengthy. You are forewarned, fellow intrepid Netrepreneur.

ezine BroadCast Service This appears to be exactly what it looks like, apparently. But don't take my word for it. Who knows, I may very well have some nefarious designs bent toward messing with your mind, and it may only seem as if it appears to be exactly what it looks like. But bear this in mind, the one I might be messing with, not the other one, the one I know nothing about --- Huh? WTF . . . uh, yeah. Okay, alright already, yes! It IS an ezine broadcast service, okay? Geez . . . .

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