Friday, June 6, 2008

Hissyfit Heaven

I just posted this comment on the Times Online following a short article by one Daniel Finkelstein pointing out that Bill Clinton might be suffering from what I think Mr Finkelstein implies is perhaps some neurochem imbalance following the ex-prez's heart surgery leading Bill to retort to another writer's recent criticism of Clinton by saying that the critic is "slimy" and a "sleezeball", or words to that effect. I do not know Finkelstein at all, but what's wrong with calling a sleezeball a sleezeball, even if you used to be the US prez? Geez, Louise . . . but anyway, my comments await the writer's "approval" --- will Mr Finkelstein approve my "critique" of his "critique" of Clinton's "critique" of somebody else's "critique" of Clinton? My answer to that? So what, who cares, well, maybe somebody . . . .

Why does Bill Clinton have to be perfect? The guy has done a lot of "good things" during his time on the planet, and he most certainly was NOT "the worst president ever", said (dis)honor going to, in my humiliating --- I'm sorry
, squeeze me, I mean "humble" --- opinion, one so-called pretzeldent (the story of which apparently to be revealed in Ollie Stone's purported biopic of Incurious George Duh II) . . . everyone gets a bit of grit under their nails during this passage, has a few bones on a hanger kicked to the back of the wardrobe. But hey! Go ahead, throw the first stone, if it makes you feel better about yourself in some journalist fashion, you know, like as if you are "reporting" something. And I hope that this comment does not cause you to throw a hissyfit of your own, those things are always so unbecoming, especially in public where they are more easily noticed and open to humiliating opinion, and I do mean humiliating.

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