Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog Grog

I came upon these two weblogs of note, and I'll drink to that.

On CreateDebate, which I discovered via Qassia, there is a list of tactical tips on using Digg to one's advantage, and the DoshDosh blogger notes in the comments section of CD that one point was quite reflective of DD's positon on that same point.

I would tell you more about this scenario, but rather than do that for you, I am going to selfishly continue something totally different for me me me. Continue to get my main Gmail account more together. But in the mean time, go ahead and check these two weblogs of note out.

And by the bye, as I list these sites I will be continuing to unearth from within the deep recesses of my main Gmail account, dusting the furniture in the back room, I am gonna be thinking this --- "I am getting organized, and I am putting the info here so that I know where it is, kinda, until I forget again and this here Chaos Chasm II weblog is centuries
old and I am still getting organized . . . let the party begin!!"

. . . on the next entry, the title of which is yet to become apparent to yours truly.

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