Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting To Know You . . . .

If you are looking for a truly valuable source of information in regard to making money online, Jason Mangrum has just started a new weblog, Marketing Machine Tactics. You might want to head on over there to find out what he has to say about Google Base in his posting entitled "Underground Secret Method To Double Your Traffic".

And something rather cool just came my way in an email from Free Viral telling yours truly that as a Free Viral member I am eligible to be Grandfathered into another program, Market-It, but then I was thinking, hey, that sounds familiar, and lo and behold a memory worked its way up from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mental maze, I looked through some papers, and there it was, my login stats for good ole Market-It, and upon scooting on over and jumping inside I learned that I am already automatically a granddad there due to my being, as the folks at Market-It explain it, "a loyal member". It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside knowing that I am considered loyal even thought I kinda sorta forgot about even being attached to it. That's the type of loyalty I can really get used to. That said, I am now reminded of how absolutely awesome Market-It is, that is now that I am looking at its contents again.

Pray tell, one might query, how so?

Well, for example, and this is just an inkling, under the category of "How-to Videos" there are listed 43 of such entities covering the following targets: a) Website Marketing; b) Payment Processing; c) Selling on eBay; d) Webmaster Training I; and e) Webmaster Training II.

Since I haven't been inside Market-It for a few eons, I had to look around to figure out a few things once again, one of these things being an attempt to scrounge up an affiliate link to give y'all, and was I ever flabbergasted to find (Yes! Flabbergasted!!) that due to a change from CCBILL to PayPal, said affiliate link is temporarily unavailable and that the Reseller Center Main Page is closed, and thus, off-limits. Makes me wonder if I could have learned the same thing if I had watched one of the four training videos on Payment Processing, but maybe that's how the folks at Market-It found out. Hmmm.

And so, I cannot in good conscience redirect you there via a hyperlink so that you would sign up under me and give me all your money. But bear in mind that you can give me all your money anyway if you really were into that kind of thing. I wouldn't try to stop you from living out a fantasy like that if it was so important to you, that is the kind of nice guy I am. But, yeah, Market-It, I will remember you now. And ain't it cool, I found out about being a grandfather on Father's Day, and the day before yesterday being Friday the Thirteenth and all (although it escapes me whether or not some misfortune befell yours truly on Friday, but hey!, that's in the past, so why worry about it, and anyway, I got lucky today.)

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