Saturday, June 28, 2008

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

I just spent all afternoon and evening and into the next morning sending out individual emails to my entire Level One downline network of thirty peeps in Cash Blaster Pro. As I was just beginning to get into sending to my Level Two and Three crew, the message came through the CBP pipeline that due to hacker hassles the pre-reg system was closing down a few days early. Here is a version of the letter that I had sent out:


So-and-so Somebody, hi.

My name is Someone Such-and-such, and I am in your Web 2.0 Upgrade upline (Member #7332). You are in my Level Three downline network under Whoever Person. The launch date for this new software is right around the corner, so in that sense time is running out. The original deal is that for those individuals who help to promote CBP before the launch of the program on July First, 2008, and who are able to get at least two other people to register in one's downline to help with the promotion efforts, you can share in one million US dollars as a "reward" for doing so.

If you have not done so yet, I highly recommend logging into your CBP back office and listening to the teleconference calls. You can find the links to these calls by clicking on the "home" icon to the far left of the tool bar at the top of the initial post-login back-office webpage. Then, once the home page loads, scroll down ever so slightly to find the teleconference links. There is a lot of very important info in these calls that very well may inspire you in the next few days to build your own CBP downline.

Okay, as I write this, I myself have nearly 150 downline members spread across four levels with 30 people in my direct Level One downline, giving yours truly 15 shares of the eventual share in the one million dollar payout.

As I write this, there are altogether now 106,781 people registered in CBP. Okay, so, one million divided by that number does not result in oddles of cash. However! Very few people in my entire downline of almost 150 people have built their own downlines. So it could well be that there is actually a chance to earn more than a few bucks out of the one million dollar offer.

Again, however. I am not entirely counting on that. I am personally more interested in the software itself. Still, that said, I am continuing to try to build my First Level downline during the last few days.

If you are wondering how to do this and have little experience in online marketing prior to finding the CBP Web 2.0 Upgrade opportunity, I would like to offer some help if I may. Therefore, following are some online marketing tools that I have used for this opportunity as well as other Internet-based biz things before this one. So here we go:

These guys are known as "listbuilding" programs. Each website provides a list of people's emails that you can promote Net-bound ops to. This is good stuff. These are also my own affiliate links to these programs. They do cost cost anything to sign up in, but each offers paid upgrade versions.

Your Lucky List

The List Machine

List Bandit

Triple Your List

The List Auction

List Hero

List Dot Com

List Joe

Okay, now this next program has been instrumental in building both my CBP downline as well as my wife's. I am sure a number of the peeps in my Level One downline came via Free Survey Leads and the send-to-a-friend feature inside the back office. If you can afford to do so, it is well worth upgrading to Lifetime Diamond membership (a one-time payment of $99.98).

Free Survey Leads

Here is an example of a letter that can be sent to these leads (which I grabbed from my back office). Change to your liking but keep the
pertinent details:



Someone Such-and-such here . . . You have got to see this -- WOW!

I found this new FULL INTERNET UPGRADE technology that is about to upgrade THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 standards and IT'S FREE! FULL Social Networking functionality on EVERY WEBSITE on the
Internet with a click of a button.

This is going to change the entire Internet OVERNIGHT.

Plus, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spread the word about it - and you can get a share for helping - NO COST!

Check it out at:

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Someone Such-and-such


Alright. Next on the agenda is the Traffic Exchange phenomenon. There are tons of TE programs, but here are a few TE hubs that bring together the good ones. These TE hubs are:

Cyber Wheelers

Traffic Hoopla

Start Page Clicks

There are also some other websites from which you can purchase leads to market to. From my experience these are the best ones to make use of:



Digital Ad Gear

I hope this helps you to get a piece of that $1,000,000 while there is still time and some of it to get.

Someone Such-and-such

P.S. Well, maybe one more thing. This one is a totally wonderful online marketer's dream factory. And again, it costs nothing to sign up for.
ISO Register --- http://runurl.com/xx.php?l8l


A bit of a bummer. Kind of a letdown. Slightly depressing.

The question begs itself --- is the entire Cash Blaster Pro phenomenon just another scam ala Our Power Forced Matrix (which was a real doozy)? Should know in a few more days whether all the work I put into this since the beginning of April is just time lost or a healthy investment.

And so it goes, hardy har har . . . .

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