Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jack Vs. Jason

Let's see if my comment on Jack's blog where he claims to be offering the best bonus for buying John Reese's upgrade of Traffic Secrets, which seems to be selling like totally hot pancakes with creamy French butter slathered all over them to be scarfed down by starving, laid-off oil field workers getting their first decent American meal in I don't know how long. I am certainly getting more "offers" flooding my inbox than ever before to get in on this NOW and pick up my groovy bonus as an incentive to pay up both nostrils for something I may never even use, regardless of how wonderful it is.

Here is what I posted:


The offer I got from Jason Mangrum is pretty decent — he’ll buy TS2.0 for me — if I join My Internet Business at the Silver, Gold or Platinum level — but since I am already joined up in it under him, I might give Mr. Reese’s upgrade a pass this time around. In fact, I think I’ll just continue to stick with what’s offered in Authority Black Book (especially now that Version 2.0 is out [and safely ensconced within the depths of my hard drive]) along with the socnet-oriented material J comes up with. But Jason tends to do things differently. I mean, getpaidbygod.com? That is just too cool. As is Authority Black Book.


The title of the blogpage dated July 15th (today) I am referring to is ---

Who Has The Best Bonus Package for Traffic Secrets?

--- and in this posting Jack Humphrey sez, in response to his own question ---

"Well, I think I do. I’m not offering a bonus at all."

And then Jack goes on to explain his thinking on this subject, and while I tend to agree with him, well, Jason's anti-bonus reverse-psych invite is pretty off the beaten track that Jack speaks of. So, see what happens and if my blog comment is accepted.

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