Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Typhoon Interlude

This is yet again another wonderful development that I have absolutely no idea about how it is meant to work. Very encouraging, that. I'll apparently never run out of things to learn, proving once again that it is the journey and not the destination that diffuses my focus on the goal.

But before congratulating myself too enthusiastically for not doing what I had originally set out to accomplish today, that being to brand an ebook for use in an upcoming JV Giveaway, let me inform you, Faithful Reader, that I am also waiting to find out if the typhoon approaching outside my living room window, and, I suppose, all the other windows of my flat, in fact every window of every home in the entire country, this being an island nation, is going to cancel and close all schools, government offices and company work tomorrow morning. Let's pray that it does, and that nobody dies as a result. Currently, the TV news channel my sometimes better-half is engaged in viewing has not yet reported on the northern part of the isle, but the east zone is getting the day off. However, it now shows the typhoon entirely covering the island and poassing directly right across its mid-island mountain ribs. It's a big one.

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