Monday, July 14, 2008

Chaotic Hug

It's surprising --- I was surprised --- what one might come across when searching for chaos and chasm on Google. It most certainly isn't Chaos Chasm, at least not yet.

Last night, yesterday day, whenever (how soon we forget . . . or perhaps that's just yours truly), I was inside my catholic.org email account for some reason or another that I quickly forgot about as I began deleting shit, amidst which process a few new messages popped up inside there, mostly PayPal-paid subscription fee receipts I had none-to-only-some recollection of having entered into, one of which was for Diamond Membership in Viral Link Tracker for $27 and paid on July 13th. And there I am thinking, what is Viral Link Tracker, I'm a Diamond Member? And so I browsed to the VLT homepage and started on the daytrip of wondering what my login stats were, and I must've blinked or clicked or something because the next thing I knew there is another PayPal receipt in my catholic.org email account, this one, Viral Link Tracker Elite Membership, $20, also paid July 13th.

A total huh going on in my head. Thinking, I just went through some warp, some low-level petit mal twitch, don't remember just now upgrading for whatever reason I have absolutely no idea of, and/or/nor/so why am I paying both Diamond and Elite fees, I am getting ripped off here or is my computer getting hacked exactly right now, is it the aliens, WTF just happened?

That kinda thing . . .

. . . so anyway, the next day, right now, today, in a different place on a different computer and on a different subject entirely, but still in keeping with the nature, or rather, the au unnaturel of Chaos Chasm and its ilk, looking for or even finding meaning in the morass, upon searching the phrase "chaos chasm" (Why did I do that? I can't remember . . . .), I eventually came to ---


--- which insinuated itself between the cracks of my dallying in Leo's other non-blogger (or maybe it is a blogger blog, there's just no immediate evidence that the Intrepid Netrepreneur can identify oh so readily) weblog, Embracing Chaos. Synchronistic, coincidental mayhem. I love it. Actually, it is yours truly that insinuated himself in those cracks. But once I was looking at Google Talkabout, I was given to speculate --- what exactly is that policy at Selfbank Mobile about advertising without SBF's okay? Selfbank Google Mobile Talkabout seems like a winner to me . . . a breadwinner for me.

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