Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Grog II

This is what I am about to post as a comment, my third or fourth now I think, on The Lucky Ten, in response to TLT's third posting on his new blogger blogspot blogsite.


Hey, there, again, Mr TLT.

Wow, you must have a ton of WebBizInsider credits; your blog keeps popping up while I am clicking for my own credits, and I have not really been spending an inordinate amount of time on this traffic exchange site. I am beginning to feel like I am returning home after a long journey, or maybe it's some kind of deja vu thing. Hmmm.

Anyway, here's an angle on making money while you sleep, yeah? Check it out.

Lucid dreaming? Are you familiar with what this is about? Basically, it means that while the body is asleep the mind wakes up and recognizes that you are in a dream state. With practice and, I guess, training, a person can begin to take control of said dreams. Okay, that's the first thing.

Next up is holographic visualization techniques that lead to manifesting the "reality" of one's choice, one's chosen desire, whatever that might be. It is recommended that when engaged in visualizing your dream house, perfect mate, favorite feeling, whatever, using the power of the imagination, that you use all five senses within the sphere of the imagination; you can smell, taste, touch the texture of, hear and see your desired doohickey within your mind. Eventually, with a little disinterested help from the Universe, or the Multiverse, or whatever, this doohickey will materialize in the hood you reside in, or wherever. That's the second thing.

And those two sitcoms seem pretty cool if one gathers up the wherewithall to find a quiet place to do all that, but yours truly? I'm too busy blogging and clicking TEs and watching DVDs or recovering from a hangover to bother with all that brouhaha. Ha ha. Work hard, not smart, is my motto. Don't ask me why, I have yet to actually figure out why. But anyhoooo . . .

. . . next up is to perform visualization/manifestation atrocities/niceties while engaged in a bout of lucid dreaming.

Or at least that is the theory I came up with when sitting around daydreaming once when I wasn't working hard instead of smart, if you get my drift.

So, that's all very well and good, yeah? But what about it. Well, how about while lucid dreaming, and I'm pretty sure most of us are familiar with that weird surreality of the dream state where time and space acquire a liquid plasticity of sorts, one is to put to good use one's visualization/manifestation skills to conjure up money in the bank or under the pillow of one's more rigid, less fluid wakeful 3D "reality", where you have to wear clothes and talk to people and pay taxes and die and stuff. I mean, since time and space do not really exist in the REM state, or so it seems to yours truly anyway, that liquid plasticity venue, and I for one am pretty busy when not sleeping, making BLTs for lunch and reading Bartcop.com on the Net at the office instead of actually performing any official duties in my "necessary evil" day gig 9-to-5 scenario as a foreign-contracted government functionary expat ilk oriented earthling --- like I said, I just cannot be bothered to take the time needed to train myself properly in the requisite viz/man skills that would aid and abet the energy put out to, you know, materialize in a concrete sense, oh say, around a kazillion bucks would probably do it, I could be satisfied with that, I think --- no, forget all that, making money while I'm awake.

I'd much rather make money in my sleep as well. TLT, whaddaya think, maybe we're on to something here.

And in keeping with this:

"You can also include a link to something that makes you money while you sleep:)"

I hereby offer this:



Yours in good faith,
Iago (not his real name)


Let's see what happens. The Tiny URL link goes to My Help Hub and the Lucid Dreaming Kit website.

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