Monday, September 22, 2008

Using Social Media To Drive Traffic Crazy

I grabbed this list off of a WebProNews article by Mike Sachoff entitled "BlogWorld Expo: Using Social Media To Drive Traffic" primarily for my own reference. I am wondering and imagining that this might be true though, that by posting and linking back to the article while at the same time posting a comment with a link back to Chaos Chasm II can help up the organic rankings of this weblog in the search engines. Or at least I hope that this is true in that it is a strategy I have been making more use of of late.

Smarts Tool #1:
It monetizes, builds links and content

Smarts Tool # 2:
Content sharing site, may outpull your blog, but 60% of revenue share

Smarts Tool #3:
Create your own Wiki

Smarts Tool #4:

Smart Tool #5:
Create online video

Smarts Tool #6:
Facebook Pages

Smarts Tool #7:

And how often do see a sentence with the double-barralled shotgun prepositional phraseology of "of of" used in a sentence? Whoah, wait a minute, did I just stutter there?Hmmm. Now I'm thinking that I am gonna hafta be using Of "Of Of" as the title of a blog posting somehow. Someday. Somewhere. About something . . . halfway intelligent and engaging. ANd then maybe somebody will "digg" it, dammit, Jim.