Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John Balboa Meets Rocky Rambo And They Take It To The Bank

In lieu of the current rumor of a fifth and perhaps even a sixth Sly Stallone-helmed Rambo flick, news broke today of a top secret script for another Stallone-penned vehicle that brings together his two most iconic characters. This film is purportedly tentatively entitled Rambo vs. Rocky, although in some quarters apparently Rocky vs. Rambo is favored.

Hollywood insiders that have seen first drafts of the screenplay, much of which the aging action star is said to have written while on location in northern Thailand filming the most recent in the series of movies featuring the enigmatic John Rambo, called simply Rambo, indicate on condition of anonymity that the storyline has elements of science fiction this time around, which may be the instrument by which the age difference of the two characters can be balanced if the title is indicative of the level of violence most fans of both films probably look forward to in that it would be a bit of a stretch to imagine that Rocky, given his seniority over the younger Rambo, could be a match inside or outside the ring, or the jungle for that matter, concrete or otherwise.

A blogger on hecklerspray.com had this to say in a posting about Rambo 5.


The film that everyone's really waiting for though is, and it's definitely gonna be one twisty chiller, involving time travel, amnesia, incest and phobia, yes that's right boys and girls, in the grand old tradition of Bambi Meets Godzilla, Husky and Starch, Jason Does Freddy, we bring you

Rocky vs. Rambo

I can hardly wait . . . but I might have to if Sylvester films two more
Rambos first. But goddamn this is exciting!!!

From what this writer has learned, RvsR will not be your standard buddy flick, and although the dialogue is expected to be somewhat terse, it will be intense and meaningful in a true fists and bullets manner with plenty of succinct repartee between the two lead characters, Mr. Stallone of course doing double duty here. It remains a mystery yet how the John Rambo and Rocky Balboa first meet, but they are at first at odds with one another, which sets the audience up for a good first hour of over-the-top violence, but eventually the antagonists are thrown together to fight against a common cause that has something to do with government agents disguised as space aliens interfering in a terrorist attack on an elementary school in either South America or the sub-Sahara. Whether or not Mr. Stallone will also be in the director's chair for RvsR is not clear but it is likely that he will be involved as a producer. So far he has remained mum on the entire project.

At this point, Rambo vs. Rocky (or Rocky vs. Rambo) seems scheduled for a 2012 release.


If alignment with the inanimate is the mark of a Bad Guy, Schoenmaker at least made a sympathetic beginning. But at some point along his way there occurred a shift in outlook so subtle that even Profane, who was unusually sensitive that way, probably couldn't have detected it. He was kept going by hatred for Halidom and perhaps a fading love for Godolphin. These had given rise to what is called a "sense of mission" -- something so tenuous it has to be fed more solid fare than either hatred or love. So it came to be sustained, plausibly enough, by a number of bloodless theories about "idea" of the plastic surgeon. Having heard his vocation on the embattled wind, Schoenmaker's dedication was toward repairing the havoc wrought by agencies outside his own sphere of responsibility. Others -- politicians and machines -- carried on wars; others -- perhaps human machines -- condemned his patients to the ravages of acquired syphilis; others -- on the highways, in the factories -- undid the work of nature with automobiles, milling machines, other instruments of civilian disfigurement. What could he do toward eliminating the causes? They existed, formed a body of things-as-they-are; he came to be afflicted with a conservative laziness. It was social awareness of a sort, but with boundaries and interfaces which made it less than the catholic rage filling him that night in the barracks of the M.O. It was in short a deterioration of purpose; a decay.

V. by Thomas Pynchon

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