Friday, September 26, 2008

It All Goes South

Here's yet again another weblog, one which I may never have imagined even existed, if I had not stumbled upon it while surfing Blogger.

Voices from the South Centre

(So, what is it about? Let's let South Centre speak for itself, first of all. Why paraphrase at this point when I couldn't say it any better, at least at 6am after only a few hours of sleep.)

South Centre is an intergovernmental organization and think-tank of developing countries based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Centre assists in developing points of view of the South on major policy issues, and generates ideas and action-oriented proposals for consideration by the collectivity of South governments and institutions.

Three key programmes areas of the South Centre are Trade for Development, Innovation and Access to Knowledge, and Global Governance for Development.

Go to South Centre website at http://www.SouthCentre.org

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