Sunday, August 10, 2008

Need To Know

You gotta go back, way back, deep even, into old Greek myths, to get at the root of Chaos and its relationship to Chasm. And I didn't even know this when I put the twain together as my first domain name of choice. It was like a chaos magic moment, that was.

Chaos Chasm popped into my noggin suddenly, and although I didn't know what, I just knew that it meant something. It sounded like it meant something, clanging around alliteratively inside my head. In its Greek-spawned Roman script I liked too how the "ch" combo has the potential for pronunciation willies, and the confusive curiousity any possible meaning could contain might make one take note of this domain moniker.

The story sorta goes like this.

Thoughts of how sense would prevail over being lost in a desert were blooming with purple promise while wondering once what cool domain name I should impress with that summed up my approach to figuring out all this online viral network marketing brouhaha when "Chaos Chasm!" chimed in. Then when setting up my first website with GDI's stuff, I staggered into (as opposed to stumbled upon) some sites on the origins of these two words and how they are one, and this reverberated with the Beavis and Butthead in me.

It turns out that the ancient meaning of the Greek word "chaos", is "a gaping void", or "a vast, empty, wide-open, yawning bottomless pit", like a chasm, and in fact the "cha" part of both words is their lingual link, a verb that I guess can be romanized "kha" and italicized, making it look all foreign or alien, or Greek-like, come to think of it, to represent that it is Greek and not Latin for some reason, and which means "to open wide". The old Greeks, the ancient ones anyway, I don't mean like an earlier generation, like your uncle or somebody, just to get that straight, we don't want anymore confusion than is requisite here, but maybe you're ahead of me on this --- so, anyway, they figured that the Gods all came out of this nowhere land, kinda like the light of reason growing from the darkness, order from disorder, that kind of thing.

And so I thought, well that's pretty cool, all B&B-like. Triple double you chaos chasm dot double you ess. Has a ring to it, don't you think? So I swept up all the more useful other dubdotz with this domain name as well, like ".info", ".net", ".biz", and whatnot.

Back when I was more in the dark about online marketing, I would never have known to make order out of a bit of virtual matter like this. And although only a couple of other chasochasm sites are up and running, there are plans, yesireebob!!

However, I am getting off topic, which is, how the gods of higher purpose coalesced from out of the abyss of empty-headedness on my part to manifest an opportunity to get the cyber avenues cleared of debris and other obstacles on my journey to becoming an Internet marketing kazillionaire.

Now THAT'S what this baby is about!!!!

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