Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feel Yonder Message

It is always a delight to come across something that makes me feel like --- well, like many things. Okay, I'll make a list.

Like an idiot.
Like a pretty smart guy.
Like learning something more.

Oh, forget it, I don't wanna make this list. Anyway, I received this email today, making me wonder when I had signed up for this forum or website club or whatever it is (since I have not taken any steps yet to secure my new alleged status as an admin moderator or whatever because I got distracted by a link to a blogspot blog --- bear with me here, I will explain). Okay, here is the email missive:


A message to all members of F.Y.M

I have made you administrator. You have been here for awhile and I hope you enjoy being one. Have a good day:)

Visit F.Y.M at: http://freeyourminds.ning.com


Right. I'm thinking, who and what is Free Your Mind, but I click through, and on the homepage is the announcement of this mission statement, which is all to the good so far:

This is A Open Dialogue, A Gathering Of Minds and A place to make friends and meet new people. Talk about anything and everything. This site is more along the lines of a site dedicated to back and forth chat and conversations. Its about total freedom of speech, so don't be afraid to speak your minds or have fears of being politically correct. Rules - I am adhering to the core principle of free speech, so talk about whatever you want. This site enables you to create a profile, create groups, upload videos and music, post topics and blogs, leave comments on each others profiles and add music and videos to your profiles.

However, in the middle of the page is this link, which I correspondingly thus did clickith through to, and anon ---

You can read my blog at http://trenteady.blogspot.com/.
Posted by Trent on August 16th, 2008 at 5:30pm — No Comments (Add)

Trent Eady, a high school student on Central Canada, writes on some heady topix, ones that are in my vein, right up my alley, in my neck of the woods, so to speak, that it is, some cool shit. And while reading a comment on his his blog I then went to this site, curiouser and curiouser ---

Fusion Report 13 June 008

I tend to take a peek at the "View My Complete Profile" sector of a blogspot blogger's blog, it is sometimes most rewarding, and that has proven at least initially true with the complete profile of the commenter on Trent's blog, one M. Simon.

But before I go any further with this, I am gonna go back and leave a comment on Trent's posting entitled, "A dish best not served", in which he references both Jody Foster and Richard Dawkins.


Trent Eady said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. Glad you like my posts. :)

Iago de Otto said...

For sure, Trent, and I hope you write even more, but in the meantime, blessings on the holidays and here's to a better 2009 for you and yours and everyone else except the bad guys who should be gathered up and expelled from class, joining the Jet Lee bad guy character in The One at the end of the film where he is forced to fight other bad guys throughout eternity in an idiotic attempt to be in charge of shit all. In other words, a belated Merry Xmas and Good Tidings.